Best IRA Offers: Brokerage IRA Account Promotions, Bank IRA Bonuses and Deals

2017 list of best IRA promotions, incentive offers, and cash bonuses for new clients for opening new online broker/bank retirement account or for IRA rollover. Current best companies deals on traditional IRA, ROTH, SEP, SIMPLE, 401(k): cash, free trades, and account transfer offer codes.

TradeKing IRA Promotion

Get $1,000 in free trade commissions at TradeKing.

Details: TradeKing IRA promotion conditions.

TradeKing IRA Review

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TD Ameritrade IRA Promotion

Trade free for 60 days + get up to $600.

Details: TD Ameritrade IRA promotion conditions.

TD Ameritrade IRA Review

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OptionsHouse IRA Promotion

Open and fund an OptionsHouse account to get up to $1,000 in free commissions for 60 days.

Details: Optionshouse IRA promotion conditions.

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Discover Bank IRA Offer

Link for CD IRAs: Discover Bank IRAs.

Details: Discover IRA promotion conditions.

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Scottrade IRA Promotion

Open account and start saving with Scottrade today.

Details: Scottrade IRA promotion conditions.

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Etrade IRA Promotion

60 days of free trades for deposits of $10k or more.

Details: Etrade IRA promotion conditions.

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Firstrade IRA Incentive

$100 free with a minimum deposit of $5,000.

Details: click for details

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Link: Get your first $10,000 managed for free.

Details: click for details

Wealthfront IRA Review

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Charles Schwab

Link: Make $100,000 deposit and get 500 commission-free online equity and options trades.

Details: click for details

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Best IRA Promotion Offers

Competition among discount brokerages is intense, so companies frequently offer IRA promotions to open new retirement accounts or transfer an account from a competitor. Each promotion discussed below applies to all Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) including traditional, Roth, SEP, SIMPLE, and 401k Rollover IRAs unless otherwise noted.


TradeKing's best IRA promotion is $1,000 in free commissions when an investor opens a new account with at least $5,000 (link: Get $1,000 in free trade commissions at TradeKing. ) The account must be funded within 30 days of account opening. The commission credits are good for 60 days from the award date, and only cover the cost of equity, ETF, and options trades (including the per contract commission). The initial deposit (minus any trading losses) must remain in the account for a minimum of 6 months.

A quick calculation using TradeKing's current commission rates shows that a combination of at least 202 equity or ETF trades and/or 87 options trades (based on the cost of a 10-contract trade) must be made within 60 days to obtain the full value of the promotion. Bottom line: this IRA promotion is best for very active traders.

A more reasonable promotion for less active traders is $100 in free trade commissions for opening a new IRA account. What makes this IRA offer great is that there are basically no conditions attached. Link: Get $1,000 in free trade commissions at TradeKing.

TD Ameritrade

TD Ameritrade offers a sliding scale promotion for new accounts based on the amount deposited into a new account. For a minimum deposit of $3,000, an investor receives 60 days of commission-free trading. Depending on the investor's trading activity, the savings can be enormous because no limit is placed on the number of free trades that can be made. With a deposit of at least $25,000, a trader receives 60 days of commission free trades plus $100. For deposits of at least $100,000, the investor receives 60 days of free trades plus $300. And for deposits of at least $250,000, the investor receives 60 days of free trades plus $600.

This is one of the best IRA promotions we have ever seen. The minimum deposit (minus trading losses) must remain in the account for 12 months to avoid retroactive commission charges. Offer link: Trade free for 60 days + get up to $600.


The IRA promotion offer from OptionsHouse is 100 commission-free trades within 60 days of funding a new account. The minimum deposit to receive the free trades is $5,000. OptionsHouse does not stipulate if the account must be maintained for a minimum length of time to receive the free trades. Link: Open and fund an OptionsHouse account to get up to $1,000 in free commissions for 60 days.

Discover Bank

Although Discover Bank does not offer any IRA promotional incentives at this time, it should be noted that the interest rates they offer on IRA CDs is substantially higher than rates offered by most commercial banks. Discover Bank IRA has a minimum deposit of $2,500. Most other major banks offer rates that currently do not exceed 1.0% for even their longest-term CDs. Open Discover IRA: Discover Bank IRAs.


E*Trade offers yet another variation on the TD Ameritrade/Scottrade IRA promotional model (60 days of free trades for deposits of $10k or more.) Free trades for 60 days after the date of account funding are offered for minimum initial deposits into new accounts of $10,000. Eligible trades are stocks and options. Trades must be made within 60 days of account funding. E*Trade limits the number of commission-free trades to 500.

Cash bonuses are offered for larger initial deposits in addition to the free trades for 60 days. The breakpoints are: $25,000+ earns $200; $100,000+ earns $300; $250,000+ earns $600; $500,000+ earns $1,200; $1,000,000+ earns $2,500.

Updated on 3/13/2017.

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