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Best IRA Promotion Offers 2016

List of best IRA promotions, incentive offers, cash bonuses and codes for new clients for opening new online broker retirement account or for IRA rollover in 2016. Current best brokerage firm deals on traditional IRA, ROTH, SEP, SIMPLE, 401(k): cash, free trades, and account transfer/ACAT fee reimbursment.

4.5-star brokerage firm rating

TradeKing Review

TradeKing IRA Promotion

Get $100 in free commissions. No hidden fees. No minimums.

TradeKing IRA Promotion Offer Details

TradeKing IRA promotion conditions.

TradeKing IRA Review

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TDAmeritrade review

TD Ameritrade IRA Promotion

Trade free for 60 days + get up to $600.

TD Ameritrade IRA Promotion Offer Details

TD Ameritrade IRA promotion conditions.

TD Ameritrade IRA Review

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Optionshouse Review

OptionsHouse IRA Promotion

Trade Free For 60 Days when you Open a New OptionsHouse Account.

Optionshouse IRA Promotion Offer Details

Optionshouse IRA promotion conditions.

OptionsHouse IRA Review

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IRA promotions

Discover Bank IRA Offer

Link for CD IRAs: Discover Bank IRAs

Discover Bank IRA Offer Details

Discover IRA promotion conditions.

Discover Bank IRA Review

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Lending Club IRA Offer

Link for CD IRAs: Lending Club investing: annulized 8.5% return

Get a low interest loan through LendingClub, rates from 5.99%-32.99% APR

Lending Club IRA Offer Details

For borrowers: rates from 6.68% to 29.99%* APR. Best APR is available to borrowers with excellent credit. No prepayment penalties. Low fixed rates & payments. No hidden fees

For investors: Lending Club Notes have Historical Returns by Grade A-C of 4.91% to 8.38%. You can choose the grade or grades that fit your investment goals. Investors receive monthly cash payments of principal and interest. For example, if you invested $100,000 in 36-month, grade B Notes providing an aggregate 6.0% net annualized return, you would receive approximately $3,035 each month in cash payments to reinvest or withdraw.

Lending Club IRA Review

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Scottrade Review

Scottrade IRA Promotion

Get up to $2000 when you open new account or add funds to existing account.

Scottrade IRA Promotion Offer Details

Scottrade IRA promotion conditions.

Scottrade IRA Review

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Etrade Review

Etrade IRA Promotion

60 days of free trades for deposits of $10k or more.

Etrade IRA Promotion Offer Details

Etrade IRA promotion conditions.

Etrade IRA Review

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Scottrade Pricing

Scottrade does not have any account opening fee, account maintenance fee, or inactivity fee for their IRA accounts. Online trading commissions start at $7. A full listing of their transaction fees can be seen here: Scottrade fees.

Scottrade IRA Pros

The biggest advantages to opening an IRA with Scottrade are the lack of account opening, maintenance, and inactivity fees. Additionally, the multiple available channels for customer service – physical branches, online chat, and phone availability – make it easy to ask questions and get help.

Another advantage to the Scottrade IRA is that they pay interest on your uninvested cash balance, known as the Scottrade Sweep Program. Uninvested cash (up to $500,000) is automatically “swept” into one or more interest-bearing, FDIC-insured bank accounts. When purchasing securities, the necessary cash is automatically swept back into your brokerage account.

Scottrade also offers the Scottrade Flexible Reinvestment Program (FRIP) – a commission-free dividend reinvestment program. Scottrade’s FRIP allows you to select which dividend-paying equities you own to purchase up to five eligible securities at a time, with no commission. Unlike most dividend reinvestment programs, you are not confined to reinvesting into the securities that generated the dividends. The “set it and forget it” system makes the dividend reinvestment easy and automatic.

Lastly, opening an IRA with Scottrade allows access to a wealth of free trading information, including free real-time streaming quotes and charts, and live webinars and events.

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Drawbacks to Scottrade IRAs

The only cons to opening your IRA with Scottrade are minor inconveniences. Their website requires a login with your account number, which is more difficult to remember than a user-generated username (although they provide wallet-sized cards with your account number for convenience).

Additionally, the Scottrade platform only allows you to purchase full shares of a security; you are unable to purchase partial shares.

Lastly, you are only able to contribute through salary reductions and employer contributions; to contribute from an external bank account, you would have to open up a separate Traditional or Roth IRA. However, this disadvantage is not limited to Scottrade, but is a provision of all IRA accounts.


Scottrade is an excellent choice to open an IRA. They offer a wealth of knowledge for all users, and their Flexible Reinvestment Program is a huge bonus. The only drawbacks to the Scottrade IRA are minor inconveniences and are greatly outweighed by the advantages.

Updated on 1/28/2016.

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