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List of online brokerage firms in U.S. Best stock market trading, investing companies.

Below is the 2015 list of top online stock brokers in the United States. Their names are listed in alphabetical order. The table contains companies website links, commissions for stocks and ETFs investing (trading), and minimum amounts required to open a new brokerage account. There you could also see the firms ratings as well as links to complete brokerage account reviews.

Brokerage Website Rating Stock/ETF Commissions Minimum to Open Stock Broker Review
Ameritrade 4-star brokerage firm rating

$9.99 $0 TD Ameritrade Review
Capital One Investing

$6.95 $0 Capital One Investing Review
Charles Schwab 4-star brokerage firm rating

$8.95 $1,000 Charles Schwab Review
ChoiceTrade 3-star brokerage firm rating

$5 $0 ChoiceTrade Review
Fidelity 4-star brokerage firm rating

$7.95 $2,500 Fidelity Review
Firstrade 3-star brokerage firm rating

$6.95 $0 Firstrade Review
Interactive Brokers 3-star brokerage firm rating

$1-$100 $10,000 IB Review
Kapitall 2-star brokerage firm rating

$7.95 $0 Kapitall Review
Just2trade 1-star brokerage firm rating

$2.50 $2,500 Just2trade Review
LightSpeed 3-star brokerage firm rating

$4.50 $10,000 LightSpeed Review
MB Trading 4.5-star brokerage firm rating

$4.95 $1,000 MB Trading Review
Merrill Edge 3-star brokerage firm rating

$6.95 $0 Merrill Edge Review
Muriel Siebert 3-star brokerage firm rating

$14.95+ $0 Muriel Siebert Review
Motif Investing

$4.95 $200 Motif Investing Review
Optionshouse 4.5-star brokerage firm rating

$4.95 $0 Optionshouse Review

$7 $2,500 Scottrade Review
Sogotrade 3-star brokerage firm rating

$5 $0 Sogotrade Review
SpeedTrader 2-star brokerage firm rating

$6.95 $0 SpeedTrader Review
Thinkorswim 4-star brokerage firm rating

$9.99 $0 Thinkorswim Review
4.5-star brokerage firm rating

$4.95 $0 TradeKing Review
TradeMonster 4.5-star brokerage firm rating

$4.95 $0 TradeMonster Review

$9.99 $5,000 TradeStation Review
Trading Block 3-star brokerage firm rating

$7.50 $500 Trading Block Review
USAA Brokerage

$8.95 $0 USAA Review
Vanguard 3-star brokerage firm rating

$7 ($20) $1,000 Vanguard Review
WellsTrade 3-star brokerage firm rating

$8.95 $1,000 WellsTrade Review

As you can see, we used a "star" rating system to rate online stock brokers in the list. The best brokerage firm accounts got the highest, five-star rating. Any company with two- or one-star rating should be avoided. Three-star rated firm is perfectly fine, but there are, probably, better options for you to consider. All companies with three and half stars and higher are recommended at least for one category of investors.

Every online investing firm listed has its strengths and weaknesses which could work for one customer but might not work for the other. Before opening an account, there are a lot of parameters to consider beside commissions, well-known name and pretty website: surcharges and fees, friendliness to your knowledge level (perhaps you are a beginner? or you need a professional trading platform?), availability of investment products you want to buy, online community, virtual trading, discounts, and others. We suggest you take a time to read brokerage reviews, to see for yourself if a particular firm is right for you.

Some online brokers in the list let you open an account with $0 down: you should take this opportunity and open few brokerage accounts, to see which one you like the most. It will also allow you to take advantage of unique and valuable features some companies provide at no charge. For example, OptionsHouse offers lots of great trading and screening tools, and $0 to open account. If you decide to invest, the firm has hard-to-beat $4.95 commission on stocks and ETFs. With TD Ameritrade there is $0 minimum to open account, and you'll get amazing selection of independent, third-party investment research, best trading platform, free market data, and generous promotional offer. There are no inactivity or maintenance fees to worry about - everything is free.

This list of stock brokerage firms was last updated in September of 2015. All companies are members of SIPC and FINRA, which means that they have to follow strict government rules and regulations, and client accounts are insured (similar to bank accounts FDIC insurance) in case of brokerage company failure. If you know a North American/U.S. online stock trading broker that should be included here, please contact us.
This article was updated on 9/17/2015.

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