Scottrade Login

Scottrade clients could safely log on into their account by hitting "Click to login" button link below which will take them to the Scottrade login page (member sign in screen).

Scottrade Login

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Scottrade is one of the most widely known brokerahe houses in the U.S. The company was founded in 1980 and their investment services are used by millions of customers in the United States and abroad. Scottrade offers many services, including IRAs, 401(k)s, and trusts; but they are best known for their online brokerage services.

Website and Navigation

Scottrade’s website is very cluttered and outdated. The main page looks good and clean, but when you to to Scottrade login page, sign in into your account, the member section has a completely different look. For starters, there are six different tabs and navigation bars, and the main frame is saturated with information. This is, understandably, very confusing and alienating to a new user. The learning curve is pretty steep too, taking hours of use to be able to figure out how to get the most out of the site.

Fortunately, once a user knows their way around they’ll be able to use this tool to its full potential. The Scottrade website allows users to access an almost overwhelming amount of information. Plan participants can look into the funds’ Morningstar reports, daily market information, performance analysis, retirement calculators, and more. These offerings make it very easy for investors to pick and choose their investment options for retirement.

Investment Options

The employer selects the funds that are available in their 401(k). For participants, this means that they can only choose investment options from the “basket” of funds preselected by their employer.

Typically, most funds are around the average expense ratio of 1%. There are some that are much lower, but they aren’t available to everyone. Luckily, fund analysis is made very easy by all of the wonderful tools discussed above.

Scottrade Log On Page Screenshot

Scottrade Log On

You could click on Scottrade Login screenshot above and the link will take into Scottrade's log on screen.

Updated on 1/11/2017.

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