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Cheapest options trading commissions: online brokerages with lowest options trades cost (fees) in 2015

Review of online brokers with the cheapest per contract put/call options commissions pricing and best platforms for options traders. All discount brokerage companies in the list are members of FINRA/SIPC.

Cheapest Options
Options Trading

Optionshouse Review
$4.95 + $0.50 per contract
OptionsHouse Brokerage

OptionsHouse offers great pricing plan for options trading with some of the lowest options commissions available in the industry. Based on their pricing, trading 10 contracts costs $10, which makes it affordable for small time traders. This is a huge advantage for those of us that don’t want our profits to be eaten up by commissions.

The company doesn't have account balance minimums, minimum number of trades or volume requirements to get these low options commissions. Customers can open cash account with $0, margin account with $2,000.

Another huge plus is that OptionsHouse has one of the lowest margin rates we have seen at 2.00% - 6.50% depending on the amount being borrowed. That’s between 2 and 4 points below most other brokers and this low rate allows you to use leverage to amplify returns more successfully.

As the name suggests, the firm's primary focus is on the options traders and it is one of the cheapest brokerage firms to trade options. Barron's magazine rated OptionsHouse #1 for Options Traders for the sixth consecutive year in its online broker survey. Barron’s thinks "serious options traders will be very happy" at OptionsHouse. The firn got score of 5 (out of 5) in Mobile and Portfolio Analysis & Reports categories as well as highest scores in Research Amenities, Usability, Customer Service & Education, and Trading Technology categories. Read full OptionsHouse review.

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Cheapest Options
Options Trading

TradeStation review 2015
$9.99 + $0.70 per contract (1 to 9 trades/month); $7.99 + $0.50 per contract (10 to 29 trades/month); $6.99 + $0.40 per contract (30 to 99 trades/month); $5.99 + $0.30 per contract (100 to 199 trades/month); $4.99 + $0.20 per contract (200 or more)
TradeStation Brokerage

TradeStation is offering tiered options trading pricing structure. Customers who make a lot of trades get the lowest commissions, with the best rates going to those making 200 or more trades per month: only $4.99 plus $0.20 per contract.

TradeStation's direct-access platform is one of the best we've seen! It offers all the bells and whistles you expect from the professional trading software. You have an ability to trade equities, futures, options, and forex from one place. Firm's technical analysis and back-testing software has been recognized as the most popular among traders for many years. The order entry and execution part of the software makes TradeStation a superior product. All the tools are fully customizable. TradeStation is one of the very few online brokers offering automated trading.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of TradeStation is the TradeStation Simulator, which allows members to test their trading plans and ideas in real-life simulated scenario without actually risking anything. Users can create different custom trading strategies and do back testing to improve those strategies before trading. They can follow multiple market trends and plan strategies accordingly. All of this is possible through a comprehensive database, consisting of historical market data and analysis that the platform offers.

Unline OptionsHouse, TradeStation is charging an inactivity fee of $100 per month if customer did not trade at least 50 options contracts or 5,000 stock shares in that month. The fee is waived for accounts with $100,000+ balance.

In the March of 2015 TradeStation got the highest star rating in both "Best for Frequent Traders" and "Best for International Traders" categories. It also got 4 stars out 5 in "Best for Options Traders" category. Read full TradeStation review.

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This article was updated on 3/19/2015.

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