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Current 2015 OptionsXpress promotion code/offer: 50 free trades. Best OptionsXpress promotions for opening new account for new and existing customers depositing cash into regular brokerage individual/joint account, ROTH IRA, 401K Rollover IRA, or Traditional IRA.

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  • 60 days of free trades and $4.95 per stock or ETF trade at OptionsHouse
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OptionseXpress Review and Rating

4-star brokerage firm rating

The OptionsXpress.com website is visually pleasing and easy to navigate. The firm offers 18 powerful trading tools, some of which are as easy to use for beginners as they are for experienced investors. The most popular trading tools are:

  • Chains: all-in-one screen for real-time quotes, intrinsic and time values, and complex spread construction.
  • Chart PatternsSM: up to 20 stocks ranked by how closely they meet your interests and spending limits.
  • XpressCharts: mix and match technical studies until you find a picture that best suits you.
  • FleXCharts: streaming charts let you customize your view of the market.
  • Xspreads Spread Book: view open spread orders by underlying security, month of expiration and strategy type.
  • XTend: downloadable trading console for sophisticated traders.

One of the tools is colorfully named “The Dragon”. It is a screener totally geared toward options and short term trading. It can screen stocks and options based on a number of parameters. A few of them are high open interest, high put/call ratio, and substantial change in volatility. These are important metrics for options traders and give deep insight into market functions.

OptionseXpress Commissions

Stocks and ETFs$8.95
Options$14.95 for up to 10 contracts, $1.50 per contract for over 10 contracts
Options Active Traders$12.95 for up to 10 contracts, $1.25 per contract for over 10 contracts
Mutual funds $9.95
Bonds$5 per bond, $9.95 minimum
Futures$3.50 per contract
Forex No commissions. optionsXpress receives compensation through the bid/ask spread.
Options on Futures $3.50 per contract
Spreads, Straddles & Combos2-10 contracts - $12.95 flat (active traders) $14.95 flat (non-active traders); 10 + contracts - $1.25 per contract (active traders); $1.50 per contract (non-active traders)

Investments stocks, options, mutual funds, bonds, futures, options on futures, covered calls, forex, ETFs
OptionXpress minimum deposit to open account $0 for cash account, $2,000 for margin account
FeesOptionsXpress fees

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This article was updated on 9/17/2015.

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