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Evolution of Brokerage Services

Before 1975, it was extremely difficult for small investors to trade profitably due to high commissions, which were required. The cost of trading was fixed by exchange rules, and the commission was the same for both large and small orders. Thus, trading was only cost effective for large institutional investors.

That changed on May 1, 1975, with the adoption of an SEC rule that permitted brokerage firms to charge any commission they wanted. This change ushered in the world of discount brokerage firms, which have forever changed the financial landscape.

The Internet hadn’t arrived yet, though. Traders had to pick up the phone and call a broker to request a trade, usually at a specific price. By the time the order was placed, the price may have already deviated significantly from the requested price.

In the 21st-century, this, too, has changed. It is now easier than ever to open a brokerage account online and make an investment in almost any asset class on your own at a time and price of your choosing. Thanks to the Internet and advanced computer software, this process, which used to take days if not weeks before the advent of the telephone, now takes place at the speed of light. Besides speeding up the process and bringing it to the masses, modern technology has also reduced the cost of trading and investing to an absolute bare minimum—$0 in many cases.

What this monumental shift means today is that finance is no longer the purview of the world’s elite or well heeled. Now, for the first time ever, it is available to just about anyone with a broadband Internet connection and a desire to venture out into unchartered territory and become a self-made enterpriser.

Not that any result is guaranteed, however. The world of asset trading has always been fraught with risk—and still is. But the opportunity has been opened, and that creates a new world, a world with possibilities that heretofore have never existed.

Welcome to that new world. You can choose to either adapt or be left behind. This website will help you to adapt.

Ongoing Innovations

The process of change isn’t finished. It’s an ongoing development that is generating brand new financial realms the world has never seen before. Cryptocurrencies are the most famous example of this fintech revolution.

And yes, it is a revolution. For the first time ever, currencies are being created by private individuals rather than central banks. This is unchartered territory, which means the risk level is high. But the new investment space is there, and it’s not going away. Some online discount brokerage firms that used to offer just securities trading now offer trading in cryptocurrencies as well. At Brokerage-Review.com, you will find our analysis of these firms.

The digital trading tools needed to invest in cryptocurrencies and other asset classes have improved dramatically in recent years. Long gone are the days of Netscape and simple web pages. Today, many online discount brokers (although not all) have rolled out advanced trading software for self-directed clients that competes with any platform available to professional traders. On top of this phenomenal offering, most brokers who offer these software platforms have recently eliminated fees and minimums originally required to gain access to these trading tools, which makes them a fantastic bargain for virtually anyone.

Some brokerage firms have taken the digital tools to a whole new level: software that will make trading decisions for you. Called robo accounts, these are investment-advisory services that use computer algorithms to do the actual trading, taking the traditional need for research and investment acumen completely out of the picture for both the customer and the original human investment advisor.

Sorting through Online Discount Brokers

The tectonic changes in the investing world have created a competitive landscape for brokerage houses vying for investor business. On one hand, it means lower prices; but on the other, it means a large sea of choices. This is where we come in: our job is to help investors sift through the myriad choices available to them today.

Brokerage-Review.com covers many investment firms that offer the services already mentioned plus quite a few more: low-cost securities trading, robo investing, crypto trading, unique cash management tools, and the list goes on.

Our research is grounded in objective and comparative dissections that really get to the heart of what a brokerage firm offers—and what it doesn’t.

Traditional Investing Is Still Available

Despite the unprecedented changes in the brokerage industry during the past few decades, there are still old-school, traditional investment services out there with human financial advisors making investments decisions for clients. We cover these brokers, too; and in fact, some of them are the same companies offering ultra-modern services. Charles Schwab, one of the first discount brokers, is among them.

The Future of Investing

The evolution of investing isn’t over. As it keeps progressing, Brokerage-Review.com will continue researching brokerage firms and publishing its results. Whatever product is available in the future, and whatever your experience level, you’ll find comprehensive answers that are easy to digest and act upon. So stay tuned.

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