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Arthur Chachuna

My name is Arthur Chachuna and I'm the creator of Brokerage-Review.com. I have been an active investor and a trader for the last 22 years. I also have a background in information technology and a master's degree in applied math.

To work on this business, I have opened brokerage and IRA accounts in 30+ brokerage firms. I have an investment portfolio that includes a business, retirement accounts, and taxable investments.

I grew up in a low income family but learned to teach myself new skills. From this point my life have improved dramatically. Personal finance and investing became one of the biggest passions in my life. I want to share the knowledge that helps people become financially secure and independent with Brokerage-Review.com readers.

Chad Morris

I have been writing since I was 13 years old, when I used a typewriter to compose my first book, co-written with my 11-year-old neighbor. We didn’t sell any copies, but it was a good start.

I continued my liberal arts education at the University of Oklahoma, where I received a Bachelor of Arts in 1998. Two years later, I tried investing on my own during the dot-com bust of 2000. It wasn’t the best time to put money in the market, but I learned a lot of great lessons from that experience.

Since then, I have gradually acquired knowledge of a wider range of financial instruments, and the markets have thankfully been a little kinder. I have opened over 30 investment accounts during my work with Brokerage-Review.com, and my scope of expertise now includes ETF's, ETN's, insurance, forex, options, cryptocurrencies, annuities, real estate, mortgages, REIT's, and mutual funds.

While not writing or investing, I also teach English as a Second Language, a side career that has spanned more than ten years. I have met people from all over the world, and through them I have gained a greater understanding of not just the ins and outs of English grammar, but countless cultural lessons.

Andrew Fitzgerald

I work in investment analytics and have been investing in the market since I was in high school. I enjoy anything that involves lots of strategy (i.e. a good game of chess), which is why I was naturally drawn to investing and researching companies. Outside of investing, I’m a big fan of the outdoors. In summer, you’re most likely to find me kayaking, camping, and hiking in the mountains.

Chris Norbury

I'm a writer and fiction author who specializes in financial writing. I started as a financial planner more than 30 years ago and branched into private investing over the past 20+ years. I am a self-taught investor with experience in commodities futures, options, stocks, bonds, ETFs, precious metals, mutual funds, and online investing. My financial planning knowledge covers areas such as budgeting, retirement accounts, saving and investing, and money management. I have taught numerous financial planning seminars both professionally and through community education programs.

I have recently published my first book, Castle Danger, a suspense novel set in my home state of Minnesota during one of its most brutal winters. A prequel and sequel to Castle Danger are in progress. I have also published two articles in the Boundary Waters Journal about my solo canoe trips in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness of northern Minnesota. My writing interests and expertise also include opinion pieces, politics, economics, food and wine, and golf.

Iryna Rudyk

I'm an investment research analyst, lawyer and personal finance addict.

I'm interested in horses, languages, self-improvement, cooking, and travel.

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