Fidelity Transfer Fee (ACAT on Brokerage and IRA Account) 2019

How much does Fidelity Investments charge in ACAT fee for partial and full IRA or brokerage account transfer (mutual funds, stock positions, and ETF's). Cost of Fidelity transfer of account eligible assets, address and outgoing wire fee.

Fidelity ACAT Fee

Fidelity ACAT fee is $0 for full or partial account transfer (mutual funds, stock positions, and ETF's). This Fidelity transfer fee applies also to all IRA accounts: traditional IRA, ROTH, SEP, and SIMPLE IRA.

If you decide to close your retirement account, Fidelity IRA account closing fee is $50.

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Fidelity Wire Transfer Fees

Outgoing wire transfers at Fidelity are $10 per transfer online, $15 through a representative. Incoming wire transfers are no charge.

Fidelity Alternatives

Broker Review Stock/ETF
Mutual Fund
Annual IRA
Firstrade $0 $0 $0 $0 $0
Ally Invest $0 $9.95 $0 + $0.50 per contract $0 $0
TD Ameritrade $0 $49.99 $0 + $0.65 per contract $0 $0

Fidelity Pros

Fidelity Investments selection of financial products, combined with 24/7 customer service, gives the broker an edge over other brokers. Firstrade, for example, doesn’t offer 24/7 customer service; and Merrill Edge doesn’t offer access to futures or forex markets.

Fidelity clients can access bank accounts, retirement products, equities, fixed-income all with one log-in. The vast majority of brokers don’t have such a wide variety, TD Ameritrade being a rare exception.

Fidelity Cons

Fidelity touts its advanced trading platforms, but limits them to active traders. TD Ameritrade, in comparison, has no such requirements for its advanced platforms.

Fidelity’s standard commission of $0 is the same than some of its rivals, such as Ally Invest ($0) and Firstrade ($0), both of which are known to be quality firms. Furthermore, Fidelity’s charge for options ($0.65 per contract) is higher than at both TradeStation and Firstrade, which charge only $0.50 and $0 per contract respectively.

Fidelity Overview

In 2001, the broker had a variable commission schedule that started at $20 trades. It took a million dollars in household assets to get the rate down to $8. But in 2010, the broker switched to a simpler flat-rate system for all clients. The new commission was just $7.95, and it was big news.

The most recent move by the broker has changed standards in the industry yet again. Traders are going to expect a lower level of fees for all types of transactions in the future. Firms that were once viewed as cheap now look overpriced.

This is exactly how Schwab felt after Fidelity announced its new commission. The broker immediately responded by lowering its equity commission to Fidelity’s level. It also matched Fidelity’s option commission.

Non-Fidelity mutual funds can be purchased at the broker for $49.95. Selling mutual funds is free unless a customer sells within 2 months of purchasing - then Short Term Trading Fee of $49.95 applies (does not apply to Fidelity family funds).

Fidelity does seem to have the advantage when it comes to its mobile app, because having just one platform makes it easier to know which one to use. TD Ameritrade's offering of three apps is a little cumbersome, although sophisticated traders might prefer the advanced level of trading technology on the thinkorswim platform.

Fidelity pre market trading

Fidelity recently lowered its commission to $0; and TD Ameritrade has done the same. Frequent traders would probably be better off with TD Ameritrade.

Fidelity ACAT Fee Disclaimer

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