IBKR transfer out fee

Interactive Brokers Transfer Fee (ACAT) 2024

IBKR ACATS fee to transfer out stock positions in full and partial account transfer. Interactive Brokers transfer fee (outgoing).

ACAT Fee For Transfers Into Interactive Brokers

Interactive Brokers doesn't charge any fees if you transfer an account to them. Use the link below to open an account and start the transfer process:

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Does Interactive Brokers Cover Transfer Fees?

Interactive Brokers does not cover the ACAT fee charged by your previous broker for transferring an account. However, some brokerages reimburse these fees. For example, while the average ACAT fee is about $75, Robinhood offers up to $125 in reimbursement if you transfer an account with at least $7,500 to them.

Interactive Brokers ACAT Fee (Transferring OUT)

Interactive Brokers ACAT fee is $0 for a full or partial account transfer. Yes, IBKR is one of the few brokers not to charge account transfer fee.

IBKR Wire/Check/ACH Transfer Fees

Currency Wires Checks ACH/EFT
USD 10.00 4.00 1.00
CAD 12.00 N/A 2.00

Transfer from Interactive Brokers to Schwab

To move your account from Interactive Brokers (IBKR) to Schwab, follow these steps:

Step One: Make sure you have an open account at Schwab. Schwab offers an easy digital application on both its website and mobile app if you don't already have an account of the same type and name. Schwab can accept transfers into both self-directed or automated (robo) accounts. However, only cash can be moved into an automated account.

Step Two: Prepare your Interactive Brokers account for the transfer. This means selling all assets if you're moving into an automated account at Schwab. For a transfer into a self-directed account, many types of securities can be transferred without being sold. But remember, futures and forex can't be moved through the ACATS network and will need to be handled separately. Also, close out any options that are about to expire.

Step Three: Check on any foreign stocks, over-the-counter (OTC) equities, or mutual funds you want to transfer from Interactive Brokers. While Schwab does offer trading in these, it’s best to confirm that they can be transferred. Don't forget to add options and margin to the Schwab account if needed.

ibkr transfer out fee

Step Four: Finally, submit the transfer request at Schwab. On Schwab’s website, hover over the Accounts tab and select Transfer Account. Enter the details of your Interactive Brokers account and submit the request.

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How Long Does an ACATS Transfer Take?

Expect a week and a half for cash and securities to show up in the receiving account.

Updated on 5/10/2024.

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