Robinhood Annual Fee, Maintenance and Inactivity Charges

2020 Robinhood annual fee for regular account and for IRA's maintenance. Robinhood inactivity fee and monthly service management charges.

Robinhood Annual Fee

Robinhood does not charge annual fee for regular brokerage individual, joint taxable, or any other accounts. The firm does not offer IRA accounts, so, obviously, there are no IRA fees.

Robinhood Inactivity Fee

Robinhood does not charge account inactivity fee.

Robinhood Maintenance Fee

Robinhood does not charge annual maintenance fee for regular brokerage individual or joint taxable accounts.

Robinhood Monthly Fees

Robinhood has no monthly fees for regular account. If you choose to participate in optional Robinhood Gold account (that allows extended trading hours, larger instant deposits and instant access to funds) you will be charged monthly fee anywhere from $6 for $1,000 borrowed cash to $200 if you borrow over $50,000.

All Robinhood Fees

Under this link you could find the list of company's commissions and all the account fees charged.

Broker Review

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Trading Tools

Robinhood Tools Rating

The Robinhood website is used mostly for promoting the broker’s investment services, which, as we have already seen, are pretty limited. The website itself has only limited functions.

This puts Robinhood at a major disadvantage when compared to many of its low-cost rivals. Firstrade customers, for example, can use a very nice trade bar that sits inside the browsing window or place trades on simple web pages. A host of account management features are available to them as well.

Unlike TradeStation, who charges just $5 per equity trade, Robinhood doesn’t have a desktop platform or browser-based platform. In addition to offering these software programs free of charge, TradeStation also provides a simulated trading option on each one.

Robinhood Investing Review

Mobile App

Robinhood App Rating

Now we come to the broker’s mobile app, which is where all the action takes place. Funds transfer occurs here along with charting, security research, and order placement. Robinhood has added a simple 4-digit PIN as a login to the app. This is more convenient than using a longer password.

After logging in, the app displays the prices of popular stocks, like Facebook, Netflix, and GE. A handy search box appears in the upper-right corner. Typing in a ticker symbol or company name produces a drop-down menu of close matches. Tapping on a result generates the stock’s profile page.

Robinhood brokerage review

The security’s profile page is where all available information that Robinhood provides can be found. Unfortunately, there’s not very much. At the top of the app page is a plus sign, which when tapped will add the stock to a watchlist. Below the very top is the last trade price, and below that is a very simple graph. Below the graph is market news. These resources are in article format and come from a variety of sources, such as CNBC and MarketWatch.

Below the news articles is a small section devoted to trading data. These numbers include such figures as volume, market cap, and dividend yield. Next is a short earnings history, which is conveniently displayed in an easy-to-read format showing both expected and actual earnings.

Robinhood stocks

A chart unfortunately doesn’t rotate horizontally, and there are no charting tools or technical indicators available. A stock’s price history can be displayed up to 5 years. Other low-cost brokers, such as TradeStation, have better mobile charting tools.

Despite the app’s weaknesses, there are some nice strengths. For example, Siri can be enabled on Apple devices. Doing so allows the user to ask questions such as, “Hey Siri, what is my Robinhood account balance?”

The Robinhood app conveniently displays the icons of various banks to make linking a deposit account quick and easy. Tapping on one of these links automatically generates the bank’s routing number, so all you need to do is add your account number. Stocks can also be transferred to a Robinhood account using the app, and Robinhood will even cover any fees the old brokerage firm charges.

There is also a Robinhood app for Apple Watch. It can perform a variety of functions, including order entry.


Robinhood IRA Rating

Robinhood does not offer any type of retirement account. There are no self-employed 401(k)’s, nor are there any IRA’s. This is a disappointing failure as these accounts are tax advantaged, and some of Robinhood’s customers could benefit from them.

Most of Robinhood’s competitors do offer nontaxable accounts. E*Trade and WellsTrade do, although there are some fees attached. Ally Invest offers retirement accounts without any special charges.

Because Robinhood doesn’t provide any financial advice, there is no assistance for retirement savers, either. Betterment rovides investment advice and a robo-advisory service for a low annual fee. There are no commissions charged for the trades within the broker’s robo service, and IRA’s can be used with the automated trading system.

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Alternative Investments

Robinhood Investments Rating

In addition to not offering mutual funds, Robinhood does not provide access to fixed-income products, forex, or futures. It does offer options trading as well as cryptocurrency trading service that lets its clients buy and sell bitcoin and other digital currencies. This service many of the broker’s competitors don’t offer.


Robinhood has been offering $0 commissions for more than four years now. Miraculously, it has managed to stay in business and is even expanding some of its operations. Despite the company’s growth, many investment services are still very deficient, and better values can be found elsewhere.


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