Webull Maintenance Fee and Inactivity Annual Charge (2022)

Webull annual fee for regular account and for IRAs maintenance. Webull inactivity fee and monthly service management charges.

Webull Inactivity Fee

Webull does not charge an account inactivity fee.

Webull Annual amd Monthly Fees

Webull does not charge an annual or monthly fee for regular brokerage individual or joint taxable accounts. The firm also does not have an annual IRA management fee or any monthly service charges.

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Webull Maintenance Fee

Webull does not charge a maintenance fee for its brokerage accounts.

All Webull Fees

Under this link you can find the list of the company's commissions and all the account fees charged.

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Webull Pricing

Perhaps you’ve heard of a dynamic brokerage firm called Webull that targets U.S. online investing market and want to find out about the broker’s commissions and fees before signing up for an account. This article will cover all of the costs and fees that Webull investors most commonly run into.

Webull Commissions

Starting with the best part of this article - let’s talk about commissions. You will be glad to hear that Webull doesn’t charge any commissions. Buying and selling stocks, options, and ETFs is 100% commission-free, no matter how many shares you buy or how small your account is.

Webull Account Minimums and Maintenance Fees

Another nice part about Webull for those cost-sensitive investors is that they don’t charge any account maintenance fees or have any minimum balance requirements that you need to maintain. However, margin accounts do have a $2,000 minimum balance requirement, which is standard across the industry.

Margin Rates and Requirements

If you day trade or want to use leverage when investing in your Webull portfolio you will want to apply for a margin-enabled account. Applying for this feature is quite easy, and it allows you to borrow funds from Webull to buy more securities with. Of course, Webull charges you an interest rate on any funds that you borrow. This rate ranges from 6.99% for small margin balances down to a discounted 3.99% for much larger borrowed balances.

Regulatory Fees

Although Webull doesn’t charge you any trading fees, they do pass on some transaction-based regulatory fees from the SEC and FINRA to their investors. These fees are fairly small, generally amounting to just pennies per trade. It is also fairly standard for all brokers to pass these on to their clients, so these fees really aren’t avoidable.

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Wire Transfer and ACH Fees

This is one section where Webull has more fees than most brokers. When you are looking to move money around to or from your Webull account, the common electronic (or ACH) transfers are always free but they do come with a daily deposit limit of $50,000 per account. Most brokers, Webull included, will charge you a fee for outgoing wire transfers, (currently $25 for domestic and $45 for international). While the bank initiating an outgoing wire transfer almost always charges you a wire fee, usually brokers don’t charge you a fee on their end for receiving this wire. This is not the case with Webull, who will charge you $8 and $12.50 for receiving domestic and international wires respectively for less than $25,000. Webull only waives this fee for your first incepting wire transfer upon account opening.

Account and Securities Transfers

Also typical of most brokers, Webull will charge you a $75 fee for full or partial account transfers if you are looking to move your Webull portfolio to a different broker. If you are moving a portfolio you have with a different broker over to Webull, Webull will not charge you a fee (they want your business after all…) but your other broker probably will. Some brokers will reimburse this fee charged by your previous broker to attract your business, but Webull will not.

Data Charges

Real-time U.S. market data is included for free with your Webull account, but this is not the case for other markets. If you want to invest in foreign markets, Webull offers monthly subscriptions to receive real-time quotes from some foreign markets.


Webull doesn’t have many hidden fees. It’s great that they don’t charge commissions, but we were less impressed with the fees in other areas, specifically for incoming wire transfers. These are generally free of charge at most brokers.

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Updated on 6/10/2022.

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