How To Close TD Ameritrade Account

Close TD Ameritrade Account (2024)

Cost and how to delete a TD Ameritrade account (taxable or IRA). TD Ameritrade account closing fee (termination and cancellation charges).

TD Ameritrade Account Closing Fee

TD Ameritrade charges no account closing fees for both regular brokerage joint or individual accounts. Information on how to cancel TD Ameritrade account is below.

TD Ameritrade IRA Account Closing Fee

There is also no cost to cancel IRA accounts at TD Ameritrade: this applies to traditional IRA, ROTH, SEP, and SIMPLE IRAs.

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How To Close TD Ameritrade Account

To cancel TD Ameritrade account, you first move your cash to your bank or another broker. If you have investments you can either sell them (you might face tax consequences in this case) or transfer to another broker. Then you call TD Ameritrade customer service and ask them to cancel your account.

The paperwork for an account transfer from TD Ameritrade to another brokerage firm is handled on the incoming side. TD Ameritrade does charge $75 for full outgoing account transfers. Partial account transfers are free for both account types.

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Close TD Ameritrade Account With Customer Rep

TD Ameritrade offers around the clock support for customers who require assistance with their accounts. In addition, customer service can be obtained from representatives who speak Mandarin, Cantonese, and Spanish.

TD Ameritrade also has over 450 branches in the U.S. that can be used if more personalized service is required.

How To Close TD Ameritrade Account

Close TD Ameritrade Account With Wire Transfer

If you are considering closing a TD Ameritrade account, you may be asking questions as to how you withdraw money out of your account. TD Ameritrade provides ACH transfers, wire transfers, paper checks, account transfers to other brokerages, and physical stock certificate withdrawals. Wire Transfers and ACH Transfers are the only methods that will hit your account on the same business day, all the other methods take longer. Both wire transfers and ACH transfers are great options to withdraw money.

To initiate a wire transfer, you will need to contact your bank and get from them wiring instructions which are provided to TD Ameritrade. TD Ameritrade charges $25 fee to wire transfer money out.

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The money you send via wire transfer will clear as soon as it hits your new account, generally this is the same day for transfers initiated during working hours on business days. TD Ameritrade imposes no limit on the amount of money you can withdraw via wire transfer, so this is a good option if you are looking to move a substantial amount of money out of your account.

Close TD Ameritrade Account With ACH Transfer

ACH Transfer is the preferred and recommended way that TD Ameritrade suggests to withdraw money out of your account. An ACH (Automated Clearing House) withdrawal is an electronic withdrawal from your TD Ameritrade account to the bank. The easiest method to do this is to link your bank account to your TD Ameritrade account by following the simple steps on the TD Ameritrade website.

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When you initiate an ACH withdrawal, your funds will automatically be credited to your account immediately as long as you have done it before the 7PM Eastern cutoff time. Keep in mind, the withdrawals may not officially clear until up to four business days after it posts to your account.

TD Ameritrade does not charge any fees for ACH Transfers, and most banks will also not charge a fee, but it’s a good idea to check with your own bank just in case.

If you are looking to move a large amount of money, ACH transfer may not be for you, as there is a $250,000 daily limit on these types of transfers on TD Ameritrade. You should check with your bank as well as they may have a limit on the maximum allowable ACH transfer in a single day.

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