how to close chase investment account

How To Close a JP Morgan Chase Investment Account (2024)

How to close JP Morgan Investment account? Chase Investment account closing fee. How to delete a Chase Investment account?

How to Close a JP Morgan Chase Brokerage Account

Not happy with JP Morgan Chase's brokerage services? Here's how to close your account and move on to another broker. We'll also provide some alternatives to consider.

Step One: Sell Your Investments

The first step, whether you're closing a regular investment account or an IRA, is to sell your stocks and other holdings. Depending on what you're selling, it may take a day or two for the sale to complete. Once finished, the cash will be ready for you to transfer out.

You can sell your investments online on the broker's website or app. You can also call them to place orders, but it will cost an extra $20 or $25 per trade.

Step Two: Transfer Your Cash

After your sales are finalized, you can transfer the cash to your linked bank account. Before selling, check to see if the correct bank account is linked to your Chase brokerage account.

To check your linked bank accounts:

1. Go to "Pay & Transfer" at the top of the website.
2. Select "External accounts".
3. You can add a new bank account here if needed.

Once you've linked the correct bank account:

1. Click "Schedule transfer" on the "Transfer money" page.
2. Choose the amount and transfer date. You can choose a date in the future if you like. If you're closing your account for good, transfer the entire balance.

If you're transferring to a Chase bank account, it'll happen the same day.

You can also use a wire transfer, but this will cost $25 unless you're transferring to a Chase bank account.

Step Three: Contact Chase

Once your account is empty (balance is $0), it's time to ask Chase to close it. You have a couple of options:

1. Send a message online: Go to the Chase website and click the three horizontal bars in the top-left corner to open the menu. Then click "Secure messages" near the bottom.

2. Call Chase: You can also call them at (800) 392-5749 to ask to close your account.

How to close JP Morgan Investing account

Important Note: If you're closing an IRA, Chase charges a $75 fee. Depending on your age and the type of IRA, there may be additional fees from the IRS (talk to a tax professional for more details).

Best Brokers

There are several brokers that might be better than J.P. Morgan Chase. If you trade options, Robinhood is great because they have no commissions ($0). Charles Schwab has both a web platform and a desktop program, and they also don't charge commissions.

Transfer Your J.P. Morgan Account to Another Broker

You don't have to sell everything to switch brokers. You can transfer your existing Chase account to a different broker.

For example, here's how to transfer Chase Investment account to Charles Schwab »

Free Charles Schwab Account

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Updated on 5/15/2024.

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