Fidelity Close Account Fee

2019 Fidelity account closure fee. Cost and how to close brokerage investing or IRA accounts online. Fidelity Investments termination, deletion, canceling fees.

Fidelity Account Cancel Fee

Fidelity does not impose any account closure fees for both regular brokerage joint or individual investment accounts.

Fidelity IRA Account Closing Fee

At Fidelity IRA accounts have a $50 charge to close an account (SIMPLE IRA's are excluded).

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How To Close Fidelity Account

To cancel Fidelity account, a client first moves their cash to their bank or another broker. If a customer has investments those can either be sold or transferred to another broker. Then Fidelity customer service should be contacted to ask them to cancel the account.

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Fidelity's Top Competitors

Broker Review Stock/ETF
Mutual Fund
Annual IRA
TD Ameritrade $6.95 $49.95 $6.95 + $0.75 per contract $0 $0
Ally Invest $4.95 $9.95 $4.95 + $0.65 per contract $0 $0
Firstrade $0 $0 $0 $0 $0

How To Transfer Fidelity Account

The process of moving Fidelity Investments account to other popular online brokers is described in this article: Transfer Fidelity account »

Fidelity ACAT Fees

If you decide to move your Fidelity account to a different firm, Fidelity will not charge you account transfer fee also called ACAT fee.

Fidelity Automatic Investing

Fidelity offers automatic investments ONLY in Fidelity funds or No Transaction Fee (NTF) FundsNetwork funds. Customers at Fidelity Investments can set up monthly, quarterly, or semiannual investments into their brokerage, retirement, 529 savings, or other eligible Fidelity accounts. They can use these funds to purchase additional shares of mutual funds you already own.

Does Fidelity Charge Automatic Investing Fees?

Fidelity does not charge a fee for automatic investments in Fidelity funds or No Transaction Fee (NTF) FundsNetwork funds. After the initial investment, a $ 5 fee is charged per automatic investment into a FundsNetwork transaction fee fund. Other regular mutual fund fees may also apply.

Does Fidelity Offer Automatic Investing on Stocks?

At Fidelity there is no commission-free or automatic investing for stocks, other than dividend reinvestment - which also has no fee.

Fidelity Mobile Trading App

At Fidelity Investments, investors can trade on Android, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Windows phone. The interface is user friendly. Traders can contact customer service, transfer funds, make a mobile check deposit, and stream Bloomberg financial news.

Fidelity app customers have rated it with a very high 4.5 star score at Google Play and with a 3 star rating at iTunes app store.

Fidelity Account Closing Fee

Fidelity Complaints

Fidelity is generally known as a broker that delivers great value in investment services. Nevertheless, the firm does receive criticism from its customers on some issues. Here's a rundown on these complaints, with information on how the company's rivals perform in the same areas: Fidelity cons and pros.

Fidelity Strengths

Despite the above objections that have been raised against Fidelity, the broker still has lots of advantages. These include: More than 11,400 mutual funds are open to new investors. Around 3,600 have no transaction fee, and roughly half of these carry no load. Capital One Investing has just over one thousand funds in total.

Fidelity has a really unique feature called a trading basket. This allows investors to buy up to 50 stocks and allocate an equal amount of money to each security. Trades can be placed for all assets with one order. Essentially, investors can create their own ETF.

Fidelity is the sole on-line discount broker to offer an app for Apple TV and live streaming of business news in high definition free of charge.

Investors oftentimes come to Fidelity for its record of excellent customer service. Not only are the representatives usually well trained, they are available 24/7, can be reached through on-line chat, and are stationed at the broker's 180+ branch locations. Vanguard seems to be the opposite of this description.

A wide selection of research and educational tools are on the Fidelity website. These resources include free stock reports from a variety of analysts, including Zacks and Thomson Reuters.

Final Words

Fidelity is charging only $4.95 for stock and ETf trades. This rate is lower than at many other major discount brokerage firms except Firstrade and Ally Invest.

Trading stocks and investing in mutual funds in Fidelity Investments account is fast, easy, and intuitive. Users can use website, Fidelity's advanced trading platform, and theys can also download a mobile app for most phones, or use Fidelity API to create their own trading platform.

Unfortunately, as of 2019 Fidelity Investments, Charles Schwab, Vanguard and Etrade do not offer forex (currency) trading to their customers. Out of the six biggest online brokerages in the United States, only TD Ameritrade right now offers forex trading. B

Fidelity Account Closing Fee Disclaimer

For the most recent information on charges and cost at brokerage, including Fidelity closing fees (charge to leave Fidelity Investments account), visit their website.