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How To Close a Merrill Edge Account (2024)

Merrill Edge account deletion and ACAT transfer out fee. How to close a Merrill Edge account (taxable or IRA).

How to Close a Merrill Edge Account

If you have a brokerage account with Merrill Edge that you’re not using anymore, it’s a good idea to close it to prevent unauthorized use of it. Here’s everything you need to know:

First, Remove All Securities

For self-directed accounts, the first task is to eliminate positions of securities. This is easy enough to do, although remember that exiting the positions by selling (or buying in the case of short positions) may incur tax consequences. Be sure to consult with a CPA before taking this step.

It’s also possible to transfer the holdings of a self-directed account to another brokerage firm by performing an ACAT transfer. A partial transfer will move specific holdings while leaving other positions, such as cash, behind. The transfer will be executed from the receiving side.

Next, Zero Out the Account

With nothing but cash left, log into the website and hover over the Accounts tab in the top menu. In the drop-down window, click on Transfer Money & Securities.

Now, you’ll have Merrill Edge’s asset transfer form. It can be used to move cash, but not securities, out of an account. (The tool to move securities can be used to move securities into a Merrill Edge account.)

To move cash out of an account, select the tab for cash. This is the ACH transfer tool, which is super easy. In the From field, select the Merrill Edge account, being careful to select the correct one in case you have two or more.

How To Close Merrill Edge Account

In the To field, select the receiving bank account. If you haven’t added one yet, you can do so now. Just click on “Add a new account.” Merrill Edge doesn’t use Plaid, so you’ll have to use the deposit account’s routing and account numbers. The receiving account must be a checking or savings account.

Next, select the amount of cash to transfer (it should be the entire cash balance in this situation) and then set the frequency. This should be a one-time transfer.

Once you’re finished with the transfer, there will be a Review Transfers tab on the same page. Click on this to review a submitted transfer and monitor its progress.

It’s also possible to perform a transfer out of cash via wire. This option cannot be completed online, however, so we recommend the ACH tool.

Broker Promotions

If you are moving your Merrill Edge account to another brokerage, be sure to check whether that company offers incentives for opening a new account. See Investment Firms Promotions »

Finally, Request a Merrill Edge Account Closure

After the self-directed account has a $0.00 balance, you simply need to contact Merrill and request the account be closed. This can be done by calling the firm at 877.653.4732. A request can also be sent by snail mail to:

Merrill Edge
PO Box 14354
Lexington, KY 40512-4353

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Alternative Way to Cancel a Merrill Edge Account

Using the same transfer form we have already seen on the Merrill Edge website, it’s also possible to transfer both cash and securities from one Merrill Edge account to another. After everything is moved into the receiving account, contact the company using one of the same methods already mentioned to request a closure of the outgoing account.

Closing a Merrill Edge Advisory Account

So far, we have looked only at closing self-directed accounts. To close an advisory account with Merrill Edge, you can submit a request online or call the advisory department (877.444.0916). If you cancel enrollment in Merrill’s advisory program online, the account will simply be converted into a self-directed account. It’s certainly possible at this point to go through the steps mentioned above to close the self-directed account, although it will be easier to call the broker and request a closure of the advisory account.

It does take a minimum of 5 business days to process a closure request of an advisory account. Cash proceeds cannot be withdrawn during this time.

Second Alternative Way to Delete a Merrill Edge Account

Instead of going through the rather lengthy process of shutting down the Merrill Edge self-directed or managed account, you could do a full ACAT transfer to another brokerage firm. A full outgoing ACAT transfer will move everything in the account to the second brokerage firm and automatically close the Merrill account. As an example, read how to Transfer Merrill Edge account to Charles Schwab.

Merrill Edge Transfer and Closeout Fees

Closing an Individual Retirement Account at Merrill Edge will follow the same procedures as already outlined. However, unlike taxable accounts, IRAs do have a $49.95 closeout fee.

Full outgoing transfers of taxable accounts also cost $49.95 at Merrill Edge. The brokerage house does not assess this fee for internal transfers. If you move your account to Robinhood, they will reimburse this transfer fee.

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