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Etrade Maintenance and Inactivity Fee in 2020

Does Etrade charge maintenance fee for a brokerage account? Etrade inactivity fee cost for IRA (traditional, ROTH, SEP, 401K, SEP).

Etrade Inactivity Fee

Etrade does not have any inactivity fees (monthly, quarterly or annual) for individual or joint taxable brokerage accounts. The firm also does not impose inactivity fee on any IRA accounts.

Etrade Maintenance Fee

Etrade does not charge quarterly or annual maintenance fee for regular brokerage individual or joint taxable accounts. The firm also does not have quarterly or annual IRA management fee or any other similar charges.

Etrade Review

Etrade rating

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Etrade Top Competitors

Broker Fees Stock/ETF
Mutual Fund
Annual IRA
TD Ameritrade $0 $49.99 $0.65 per contract $0 $0
Ally Invest $0 $9.95 $0.50 per contract $0 $0
Firstrade $0 $0 $0 $0 $0

Mobile Trading

Each year, more and more trades are made using iPhones and/or Android based phones. E*Trade provides clients with mobile trading support via applications for the iPad, iPhone, Amazon Fire, and Kindle Fire HD. They have spent most of their development dollars on the iPhone application which has an easy to use interface and access to order entry tools, mobile check deposit, charting, and educational videos to name a few of the key features.

TD Ameritrade has taken a slightly different approach building applications based on the level of experience the trader or investor has. For example, for a more inexperienced trader the Mobile App or Mobile Trader App may be appropriate. However, if more advanced support is required then the Thinkorswim app is the best choice. Thinkorswim will also give traders access to the mobile version of paperMoney for clients interested in practicing their trading on the go.

Etrade vs Ameritrade: Complete Comparison

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Etrade vs Ameritrade: The Results

Based on this review, and considering the results of each section TD Ameritrade beats Etrade. With the robustness of the Thinkorswim platform and the customer service support they provide a better value to investors and traders looking for a trading platform and service that works for them.

Great Research Tools

One thing E*Trade is great at is research. It has thousands of pages of financial content that is easy to look through. If a client is trying to decided which stock to purchase, E*Trade’s tools provide graphs, statistics and other data to help make a good trading decision. They include live charts of stock prices, analyst recommendations (and even star ratings of the analysts themselves). E*Trade’s data for casual users is among the most extensive in the industry.

With that in mind, the Internet is filled with many different investment resource sites, so if a user was to consider using E*Trade because of the research tools, it might be better to get the research tools from another provider and choose a broker separately.

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E*Trade Pushes ETFs

E*Trade has been aggressively pushing clients towards using ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) - these offer the benefits of mutual funds but are easier to trade and are usually less expensive to purchase. ETFs have grown in popularity exponentially since E*Trade was founded. E*Trade has partnerships with many providers of ETFs which make the purchase of their products commission free. The 100+ commission free options are across many different types of funds, including Domestic, International, Fixed Income and specific sectors. The ETF screener is easy to use, allowing the user to search through the 2,000+ ETFs available, both commission free and commissioned.

Power Tools for Power Users

E*Trade also has a suite of options available for users who trade a lot. It has E*Trade Pro, which is desktop software for users who trade more than 30 times per quarter. They also give discounted trade pricing to those users, both for stocks and for futures contracts. It also supports Futures trading and trading in penny stocks. Desktop software would be a good fit for a trader who trades a lot as the trade might go through faster, saving the client money.

It also provides “OptionHouse” which is special software for Power users to trade options. It provides dedicated phone support for options traders. E*Trade is trying to be the provider of services or both casual users and power users.

E*trade Inactivity Fee

Etrade Inactivity Fee Disclaimer

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