Charles Schwab Withdrawal Fee, Terms and How To Transfer Money Out of Brokerage Account (2020)

Charles Schwab transfer funds to bank options, terms for moving cash, withdrawal fee, getting money out of brokerage account by ACH, wire transfer, debit card, ATM, and check.

Charles Schwab ACH Withdrawal Terms

To get money out of Charles Schwab securities account to an external bank account is fairly simple. The broker offers several methods of doing this, the most popular of which is sending funds electronically via the ACH system. Once you have your bank account set up inside Schwab’s website, transfers are quick and easy. There is no charge for using this method.

Funds can also be transferred between a Schwab Bank account and a brokerage account. optionsXpress accounts are automatically linked as well. A transfer can be specified as one-time only, or periodic transfers can be established. The broker allows for monthly, last business day, quarterly, annually, twice a year, or twice a month. Funds that are moved via the ACH service can take up to four business days to be available.

Charles Schwab Wire Transfer Funds

Besides Schwab’s free ACH service, the broker also provides a quicker wire service that carries a $25 charge. Both domestic and international wires are available, although the international service is available only in US dollars if submitted on-line. There is a pdf form that can be submitted for international wires that involve a foreign currency. A checking or savings account with Schwab Bank can also send wires, but deposit accounts must use the pdf form. The company’s cutoff time is 2:30 pm, EST, for hard-copy requests, and 4:00 pm for on-line requests.

Charles Schwab Withdrawals


Charles Schwab Money Withdrawal By Check

Another way to move money out of a Schwab account is to request a paper check be mailed to you. There is no charge for checks sent via first-class mail. Overnight delivery costs extra. A check can be sent out just one time, or a frequency can be established. The same frequencies the ACH service uses are available, in addition to every two months. The cut-off time for first-class delivery is 7:00 pm, EST. Overnight delivery requests must be made no later than 3:30 pm. Overnight deliveries are not made on a weekend.

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Schwab also will send out a cashier’s check upon request. You have to call the firm by 1:00 pm, EST, for the check to be mailed that day.

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Other Options To Transfer Money Out of Charles Schwab Account

Bill pay is available at Schwab. There is no charge for the service, and you can enroll either electronically or with a pdf form. One-time or recurring payments can be used. If you have regular bills that need to be paid, and you have free cash balances in your Schwab brokerage or bank account, this would be a wise selection.

An easy way to move funds out of a Schwab brokerage account is to open a checking or savings account with the banking division of Schwab. The bank account will be automatically linked to your securities account. On-line funds transfer is then quick and easy.

Alternatively, you can simply add checks or checks and a debit card to a trading account and then use these tools to take funds out.

Charles Schwab Overview

Charles Schwab (Schwab) is a name that needs no introduction to the investing industry. The full service advisory and brokerage firm provides a catalog of investment products that include low fee index funds, actively managed funds, annuities, and high yield checking accounts. Schwab’s business model changed as the retail investing industry shifted over the past decade to favor passive, low fee index fund investing. Schwab is setting its sights on dethroning Vanguard as the brokerage of choice both for sophisticated, high net worth investors and for fee conscious retail investors.

Fees – Schwab is winning the fight on fees across the board and is giving Vanguard a great run for its money, to say nothing of USAA. Its ETFs cannot likely go any lower in fees and the platform flawlessly supports investors who want to combine passive index fund investing with more complex products.

Advice – The fusion of technology and face-to-face advice makes Schwab highly attractive for investors seeking advice. They offer customizable levels of advice, automatically rebalance portfolios, and take into account tax implications all at a very affordable price. For clients considering Betterment or Wealthfront, the Schwab Intelligent Portfolio service should seriously be considered as a better option.

Awesome Credit Cards and Checking – Schwab has great high interest savings account, checking account, and credit card options. Benefits like automatic $200.00/year Uber credits are available and interface with brokerage accounts seamlessly. Schwab’s brokerage accounts also support check writing.