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Stash Withdrawal: Limit, Time, Fee, and How To (2024)

How to withdraw cash from Stash Invest account by ACH, wire transfer, debit card, and ATM methods. What is Stash withdrawal limit, fee, and time (how long does it take).

How to Withdraw Money from Stash Invest

If you have a Stash account and need to move some money out, here's how to do it quickly and cheaply.

Moving Cash Out of a Stash Brokerage Account

Once your Stash investment account has available cash, you can transfer it to a bank account. Click the 'Transfer' link at the top of the Stash website to access the ACH transfer form. This form is simple to use and only takes a few minutes to complete. Your Stash bank account is usually linked automatically for convenience.

You can also transfer funds to an external bank account, but you'll need to link this account first. Stash provides two ways to link an external account: an instant method using Plaid, which requires your bank login details, and a manual method that needs your bank’s routing and account numbers. The manual method takes a few business days to complete. If Plaid is not working, the manual method may be the only option. Remember, accounts linked manually can't receive round-ups.

How to Withdraw Money From Stash

Once the bank account is linked, choose it as the 'To' account on the ACH form, enter the amount you wish to transfer, and submit the request. You’re all set.

How to Withdraw From Stash

Retirement and custodial account holders must call customer service to make a withdrawal. The online transfer tool cannot be used for these accounts due to legal restrictions, and withdrawals may have tax implications.

Moving Money Out of a Stash Bank Account

In addition to investment accounts, Stash also offers FDIC-insured bank accounts through Green Dot Bank. You can use the same transfer tool on the Stash website to move funds from these accounts. You can also transfer money from a Stash investment account into a Stash bank account.

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Moving Funds to Another Stash Brokerage Account

You can transfer available cash from one individual taxable account to another at Stash. Transfers from a taxable account to a retirement or custodial account are not allowed.

To transfer funds, go back to the 'Transfer' link on the Stash website and follow the steps you already know. The receiving account should be your second Stash brokerage account.


Transfers between Stash accounts usually happen right away. ACH withdrawals to external bank accounts take about 3 to 5 business days. These funds may also be on hold for a few additional days, depending on the bank’s policies.

Stash robo customers follow the same steps to move cash, but the process takes longer. Securities need to be sold first, and these sales have to settle before you can withdraw. This process can take up to 5 business days.

Instant Transfers on Stash

Stash is introducing instant transfers for some users. These transfers can only be done on the website, not on the mobile app. You can send cash to a linked bank account right away, but sometimes it might take up to 10 minutes. This service has a 1% fee.

Other Ways to Withdraw Money from Stash

So far, we've talked about using the ACH network to move cash. Another way to take money out of your Stash investment account (not a bank account) is through Automated Customer Account Transfers, or ACATs.

ACAT transfers let you move cash and securities from one brokerage to another. You can't use them to move money between bank accounts.

One downside of ACAT transfers is the cost. Stash charges $75 for each transfer, but the broker receiving your transfer might pay you back for this fee.

Another downside is how long it takes. ACAT transfers take at least 8 business days to complete. If you're only moving cash, it could take even longer.

To start an ACAT transfer, you need to fill out a form with the new brokerage, not with Stash. Make sure you say if you only want to transfer cash, so you don't move your stocks and ETFs by accident.

Stash Visa Debit Card

A convenient way to take cash out of your Stash bank account is to use the Stash Visa debit card. It's free to get this card for your bank account, but you can't get one for a brokerage account. However, a Stash bank account is automatically connected to your investment account.

You can use the Stash debit card anywhere Visa is accepted, and your purchases and ATM withdrawals will take money directly from your bank account. Stash gives you free ATM withdrawals at around 19,000 Allpoint ATMs.

If you use an ATM outside the Allpoint network, Stash charges $2.50 per withdrawal, and the ATM owner might charge more. Stash charges 50¢ just to check your balance at a non-Allpoint ATM. Using a human teller to get cash costs $2.50, and any transaction outside the U.S. has a 3% fee.

While the Stash debit card can be expensive in some situations, buying things from certain retailers earns you small pieces of stock from those retailers. This can make the card a good deal if you use it wisely.

Why Can’t I Withdraw Money From Stash?

Like any financial company, Stash has rules about when you can take cash out. Cash deposits are held for up to 5 business days before you can withdraw them.

When you sell stocks or funds, including in robo accounts, the money from the sale must settle before you can take it out. This is usually two business days after the sale. You'll see the cash in your account, but you can't take it out until then. For example, if you sell shares of a company on Tuesday, you can withdraw the money on Thursday.

Withdrawal Limits

The Stash debit card lets you take out $500 per day from an ATM. For ACH transfers, you can withdraw up to $3,000 per day. Over 7 days, you can take out up to $20,000 via ACH. The smallest amount you can transfer with ACH is $1.

The deadline for transfer instructions is 9:45 pm, PST.

Tracking Withdrawals

Stash’s website keeps a record of all money coming in and going out. To find this record, click on your name in the top right of the site, then select “Portfolio activity” from the options on the left.

Withdrawals on the Mobile App

You can also move money using the Stash mobile app, which works much like the website. The Transfer icon is in the bottom right corner of the main menu. Tap this to get the cash transfer tool.

The settings menu is in the top left corner this time. Tap on your initials and scroll down to manage an external bank account. You'll have the same choices: Plaid and the manual method.

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