How To Withdraw Money Out of Stash Invest (2023)

How to withdraw money from Stash account by ACH, wire transfer, debit card, ATM, and check. What is Stash withdrawal limit and fee, and how long does it take.

How to Withdraw Money from Stash Invest

If you have a Stash account and need to move some money out of it, you have come to the right place. We’re going to show you all the ways you can transfer a free cash balance out of Stash at the smallest possible cost in the shortest amount of time.

Moving Cash Out of a Stash Brokerage Account

Once a taxable investment account at Stash has a free cash balance, the funds can easily be transferred to a linked bank account. At the top of the Stash website, there is a Transfer link. Click on this and you’ll get the broker’s ACH transfer form. It’s super easy to use and takes just a few minutes to complete a transfer. A Stash bank account should automatically be linked here for added convenience.

Funds can of course be moved to an external checking or savings account, although this account will need to be linked. Stash offers two methods to connect an external bank account: instant and manual. The latter will require the account’s routing and account numbers, while the former method uses Plaid and requires login credentials. The manual method takes several business days to finalize, while the instant system is, well, instant. If it works, that is. The day we conducted our research, Plaid was down. So the manual system may be your only option. An account that is connected with the manual method cannot receive round-ups.

How to Withdraw Money From Stash

Once an account is linked, simply select it in the ACH form as the receiving account. Enter the dollar amount and submit the transfer. You’re all set.

Withdraw Money out of Stash

Retirement and custodial account holders have to call customer service to make a withdrawal. The online transfer tool cannot be used. Remember, these accounts have legal restrictions on them, and any withdrawal could potentially have tax consequences.

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Moving Money Out of a Stash Bank Account

Besides investment accounts, Stash also offers bank accounts with FDIC insurance through a partnership with Green Dot Bank. Funds can be moved out of these accounts using the same transfer tool on the Stash website. Funds can also be moved into a Stash bank account from a Stash investment account.


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Moving Funds to Another Stash Brokerage Account

Available cash can be moved from an individual taxable account to another individual taxable account at Stash. The brokerage firm does not permit transfers of cash from a taxable account into a retirement or custodial account.

To make the transfer, simply go back to the Transfer link on the Stash website and follow the steps already outlined. The receiving account should be the second Stash brokerage account.


Money movements between Stash accounts are generally completed immediately. ACH withdrawals sent to external bank accounts can take around 3 to 5 business days, and these cash deposits could be restricted for withdrawal for a few more business days, depending on the receiving bank’s policies.

Although Stash robo customers have the same basic procedures for moving cash out of their accounts, they will face a longer transfer timeframe. Securities will have to be sold first, and these sales must settle before any withdrawal can be made. Time to completion could be 5 business days for an automated account.

Instant Transfers on Stash

Stash is rolling out instant transfers for a select group of users. This special type of transfer can be performed only on the broker’s website and not the mobile app. A transfer of cash can be sent to a linked bank account instantly, although in some cases, the transfer may take up to 10 minutes. There is a 1% fee for this service.

Other Stash Money Withdrawal Options

The cash movement options discussed thus far all utilize the ACH electronic network. There’s another option to move cash out of a Stash investment (but not bank) account: Automated Customer Account Transfers.

Better known as an ACAT transfer, this system can move both cash and securities from one brokerage firm to another. It cannot be used to move cash between bank accounts.

The second disadvantage of ACAT transfers is cost. Stash charges $75 for each outgoing transfer, although the receiving broker may reimburse it. That’s something you’ll probably want to check on if you opt for an ACAT transfer.

The third and final disadvantage of ACAT transfers is time to completion. It takes at least 8 business days for this type of transfer to finalize. A cash-only transfer could take longer.

To start an ACAT transfer, you need to fill out a transfer form with the incoming brokerage house, which in this case will not be Stash. Be sure to specify a cash-only transfer if you don’t want to move your stocks and ETFs from your Stash Invest account.

Stash Visa Debit Card

A really convenient way to move available cash out of a Stash banking account is the company’s Visa debit card. There is no cost to add this to a bank account. Unfortunately, it is not available on a brokerage account. A Stash banking account is automatically connected to an investment account, though.

The Stash debit card can be used anywhere Visa is accepted, and purchases and withdrawals will automatically take available cash out of the banking account. Stash customers get free ATM withdrawals from within the Allpoint network, which boasts roughly 19,000 cash machines.

Outside of this network, Stash charges $2.50 for every ATM withdrawal, and the ATM owner may charge its own fee. Just for checking a balance at a non-Allpoint machine, Stash charges 50¢. Using any human teller to withdraw cash will cost $2.50. Any transaction outside the United States has a 3% fee.

Although the Stash debit card is pricey in some situations, purchases at a wide variety of retailers will earn fractional shares of stocks in those retailers. So it could be a good value if used wisely.

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Why Can’t I Withdraw Money From Stash?

Stash, like any other financial organization, imposes hold times on cash before it can be withdrawn. Deposits of cash are held for up to 5 business days before they are released.

Sales of stocks and funds (including those executed in robo accounts) must settle before the resulting cash can be taken out of the account. This will be two business days after the sale. Cash will show in the Stash account, but it can’t be taken out until the settlement date. To use an example, if you own shares of Ford Motor Company and sell them on Tuesday, cash from the sale can be withdrawn on Thursday.

Withdrawal Limits

The Stash debit card can only withdraw $500 per day from an ATM. For ACH transfers, there is a maximum of $3,000 on withdrawals per day. In a rolling 7-day period, Stash limits ACH withdrawals to $20,000. Stash has a $1 minimum on ACH transfers.

The cutoff time for transfer instructions is 9:45 pm, PST.

Tracking Withdrawals

Stash’s website keeps track of all incoming and outgoing money movements. To find this transaction register, click on your name in the upper-right corner of the site and then select “Portfolio activity” from the list of available options in the vertical menu on the left-hand side of the screen.

Withdrawals on the Mobile App

The above instructions to move money out of a Stash account describe tools on the company’s website. Cash can also be moved using the Stash mobile app. Much is the same there. The app, for example, has the same interface as its website cousin.

In the bottom main menu, the Transfer icon is in the far-right corner. Tap on this to obtain the cash transfer tool.

The settings menu this time is in the upper-left corner. Tap on your initials and scroll down to find the link to manage an external bank account. Plaid and the manual method once again are the two available choices.

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