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Best day trading book - A Beginner's Guide to Day Trading Online

Although day trading as a vocation has declined in popularity since its heyday around 2000, and it declined even more because of the housing bubble crash of 2008-09, it still has an allure of quick, fast profits and high-stakes glamor. Turner's book was published in 2000 and this edition was revised in 2007, so some of its content is dated. The biggest change is probably the advent of hedge funds that are more sophisticated and High-Frequency Trading (HFT) performed by supercomputer programs that are capable of executing thousands of trades per day, many trades only lasting for seconds.

The book is laid out in a logical fashion, starting with a discussion of the psychology of trading, dealing with fear and greed, and the self-discipline it takes to become a successful day trader. Subsequent chapters emphasize the importance of realizing day trading is a business and running it like one; trading fundamentals; technical analysis; and variations on day trading such as swing traders, scalpers, and short-sellers.

Perhaps the most important chapters are at the end. One deals with how to "Love your Losses"; learning from losing trades. The final two chapters discuss Trading Survival Techniques and a glimpse into the future (as viewed from 2007).


The author, Toni Turner, certainly has the credentials to back up her qualifications to write this book, having been a successful trader for more than 11 years at the time of writing the first edition in 2000. Despite being an expert, Turner writes in a casual, easily understandable style. This is important because the technical side of day trading is complex and can be overwhelming. She writes more like a knowledgeable friend explaining a complex subject to a novice.

The downside of such clear, simple language is that neophytes might falsely believe that day trading is a surefire way to instant riches. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. Turner gives ample warnings about the pitfalls of day trading, but no how-to manual can guarantee success.

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Best day trading book - Start Day Trading Now

As an introductory book to the world of day trading, Start Day Trading Now is not for individuals who want to jump right into day trading with their own money. It's more of a primer on the basics of technical analysis, reading charts, the mechanics of placing a trade, and gives readers a glimpse into the real world of day traders. The author writes in a straightforward style reminiscent of sitting across the kitchen table sharing a cup of coffee and discussing the topic in layman's terms.


The title is somewhat misleading since the author doesn't give the reader all the tools, information, and discipline required to become a successful trader. After reading the book, someone may think he knows all there is to know about day trading, but will likely lose a lot of money if he attempts to trade armed with only limited knowledge.

Day trading is a zero-sum game, which means my gain is your loss. There are no do-overs, no exceptions made to rules, no unintentional errors overlooked, no forgiveness of not having enough funds to meet a margin call. Start Day Trading Now will give you a taste of the high-pressure world of a day trader, but shouldn't be mistaken for some sort of day trader's bible loaded with all the secrets to successful trading.

That said, Sincere's book introduces the world of day trading and gives those interested in day trading a lot of sound, fundamental information.

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Best day trading book - The Truth About Day Trading Stocks

With the stated intention of "bursting the greenhorn's bubble" by revealing the harsh truth about day trading stocks, this book should be read after a novice has read an introductory book on day trading that deals with the technical and mechanical aspects of trading. The Truth About Day Trading Stocks delves more into the psychology, both an individual's temperament and mindset as well as so-called market psychology, which deals with the collective emotions of fear and greed manifested in real time by thousands of traders and institutions.

No sugar coating here. No guaranteed road to riches in just a few minutes each day. Just real life experience, good and bad, that illustrates the complexity of trading and the discipline needed to trade profitably. Active traders who have some experience and are interested in getting into day trading will benefit most from this book.


The Truth About Day Trading Stocks is logically laid out and is quite comprehensive for a relatively short book. Particularly useful are chapters on knowing yourself and your trading mentality; emotions; risk management, and gambling versus day trading. Many have said Wall Street investing is another form of legalized gambling, and those who approach trading that way are sure to end up with results similar to walking into the nearest casino and plopping down money on a random number at the roulette wheel.

The author covers the little-discussed topic of pay-per-trade accounts compared with pay-per-share accounts. He examines the pros and cons of each type of account and helps readers determine the best type of account for their situation. Most illustrative are the last two chapters: "The Perfect Trading Day" and "The Worst Trading Day." Experienced day traders have probably had at least one of each of these days, and the comparisons drawn allow a reader to insert herself into the experience and see if her basic approach more closely resembles the perfect day of trading, or if too many worst days of trading show up in her trading journal.

At the end of the book, the author lists more than eighty "rules to remember," which, if the new day trader simply follows each rule as closely as possible, will greatly enhance her chances of becoming a successful trader. That section alone is worth the cost of the book.

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