How much do brokers charge

How much do stock brokers charge per trade to buy or sell stocks in 2022?

How Much Brokers Charge To Buy or Sell Stocks

What Stock Brokers Used To Charge To Buy or Sell Stocks

I remember during the internet stocks bubble in the late 1990s when the stock market was hitting new highs, and investors were making fortunes on the stocks, everyone was excited about Etrade. With Etrade you could pay a measly $20 brokerage commission to buy or sell stocks! What a deal! Conventional stock brokers charged $80 commission for stock trades. Then TD Ameritrade showed up on my radar and it charged only $15 to buy or sell stocks.

A bit later I've learned about Scottrade with their unheard-of $7 per trade rate. Then Sharebuilder appeared and charged only $4 for their unique kind of trades - automatic investments at the end of the day on Tuesdays - which many people hated. There were other low-priced online trading companies too, but many of them were bought up by bigger players and few investors now remember their names.

Over the next few years, most of us settled with our $7-$10 per trade online brokers. We went through the stock market surge that brought Dow to the new highs. Now we are healing the wounds of the biggest recession in the last 80 years. We are wary of the stock market and still worried about the economy. And many of us do not know that prices on stock trades kept falling all these years.

New Online Brokers

There are new, ambitious players in the discount online trading world. These companies are young and nimble, and they charge much less than the veteran online brokerage houses. How about $0 per trade? Unbelievable? The reality is that it can be that cheap to buy stocks, and most people do not realize it.

If you are a relatively active investor, I don't see any reasons to pay $10 or even $5 commission per trade to buy or sell stocks online. There are online brokerages that are very highly rated by all financial magazines and investor surveys that will charge you $0 per trade. I have been with TD Ameritrade since year 2000, paid diligently $10 per trade, and when I discovered how much less the other companies charged, I was in shock! I cannot believe I was overpaying my stock broker so much and for so long! I transferred a few of my accounts to the newer firms in 2009-2011, and the experience has been great so far.

How Much Does Stock Broker Charges To Buy And Sell Stocks?

If you are paying over $0 for stock and ETF trades and over $20 for mutual funds, I encourage you to research companies in this article, such as Ally Invest and Firstrade, and make more educated decisions about where to invest. All these companies are members of SIPC, SEC and FINRA, and client accounts are protected and insured the same way as at the older brokerage houses: $500,000 per customer, including up to $250,000 for cash.