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Is TastyWorks a Scam? Is TastyWorks a Safe, Insured and Legitimate Broker? TastyWorks Complaints and BBB Rating in 2022

Is tastyworks Legitimate?

tastyworks is an interesting broker-dealer that's trying to change the way people learn and invest. Because of its style, you may have questions about this company and its legitimacy. Keep reading—we're going to answer all your concerns.

Is tastyworks a Scam?

tastyworks is 100% legitimate. It is part of the tastytrade family, which offers market commentary in video format during the trading day. It was founded by Tom Sosnoff, who launched thinkorswim in 1999. thinkorswim was later purchased by TD Ameritrade. Tom (it's a very informal type of brokerage firm) continues as co-CEO of tastytrade, the parent company of tastyworks.

tastytrade helps investors learn more about trading by disseminating financial information, entertainment, and investment strategies for stock and option traders. Episodes can be accessed through, iTunes, Apple Radio and TV, the trading platform at tastyworks, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, YouTube, and Bob the Trader.

Is tastyworks Safe?

tastyworks is definitely a safe brokerage firm. Keep in mind, however, that no broker is ever completely safe. The securities that are available for trading always come with inherent risks that are a regular part of investing. We can confidently state that tastyworks is just as safe as any other broker-dealer in the country.

Remember that any investment in securities you make could go down. Let's look at an example. Say you deposit $8,000 in your tastyworks brokerage account. You then invest this sum in ABC stock. There's always the possibility that the price of ABC could go to zero. This wouldn't be the fault of tastyworks, and it's always a possibility in the stock market (it's happened before, and could happen again). The failure of ABC would say nothing about tastyworks.

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Does tastyworks Protect My Privacy?

On top of the reliability of tastyworks, the company also strives to safeguard its clients' accounts with the latest technology. It says on its website, “We're working hard to protect you.” In fact, the company has “a myriad of Defensive System Configurations, Security Devices, Sentinels and Real-time Monitoring systems to protect access and privacy surrounding your Account.” That sounds pretty safe.

Most of the interactions between the broker and its customers are encrypted. The company uses the latest SSL Certificate technology from authorities in the industry.

tastyworks offers two-factor authentication, although it's not required to open an account. With two-factor authentication, the broker sends a code to your cell phone every time you try to login. You'll need to use this code to access your account. If you don't want to go through this step every time you login, you simply need to submit a home phone number—not a cell phone number—when you open your account.

Inside an account, after logging in, tastyworks does display the last four digits of the account owner's Social Security Number within the account management section. We're not sure if this is necessary.

tastyworks Review

TastyWorks rating

For more information about the broker's online trading accounts, take a look at tastyworks review.

Is tastyworks FDIC/SIPC Insured?

Only banks qualify for FDIC insurance. Because tastyworks isn't a bank, it does not provide any FDIC protection. However, it is a brokerage firm. This means that it qualifies for SIPC protection; and it has become a member of the SIPC. Hence, every investment account with the broker is insured up to $500,000. Half of this amount can be used for any uninvested cash in an account.

tastyworks is also a member of the National Futures Association, the self-regulatory body for the futures industry in the United States. Moreover, tastyworks is a member of FINRA, the equivalent body for securities. The company's membership ID is 277027. Its membership number with the SEC is 69649. With so many memberships, we can conclude that tastyworks is a very safe and legitimate enterprise.


tastyworks BBB Rating

tastyworks' parent company tastytrade has a profile at the Better Business Bureau. tastytrade has a grade of A+, which is the business analyst's highest rating. There are currently zero complaints filed against tastytrade, a very good sign. There are no reviews posted yet of the financial company.

tastytrade is not accredited with BBB. Accreditation must be pursued by the business being evaluated. If a firm does not apply for accreditation, it is not eligible for it. tastytrade probably has not applied for it.

Some of the characteristics BBB looks for to award accreditation include honest advertising, transparency, trust with customers, safeguarding of privacy, and a history of integrity. See more on BBB website.

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Open Tastyworks Account

How to Withdraw Funds

If you give tastyworks a try and decide you want to walk away, there are several methods available to you to move money out of your account. You can move funds out using the ACH electronic transfer system. You can also send money using a wire, although there is a $25 charge for this. International wires are even more expensive. tastyworks will also send you a check in the mail if you prefer that method, and you can make a request using the broker's website.

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