WeBull vs Ninjatrader (2023)

Ninjatrader or WeBull - which is better in 2023? Compare investing accounts, online trading fees, stock broker extended hours, and differences.

Synopsis of Webull and Ninjatrader

WeBull and NinjaTrader are two very popular choices for investors looking to trade stocks, options, futures, and cryptocurrencies. These two brokerages are very different in what they offer, however, and traders will prefer one over the other based on what each platform provides.

Is WeBull or NinjaTrader better for you? Read on to find out.

Tradable Assets

The available asset at WeBull and NinjaTrader are one of the primary differences between the two brokers.

WeBull Assets:

  • ETFs
  • Stocks
  • Options
  • Cryptos

NinjaTrader 8 Assets

  • Equity Futures
  • Bitcoin Futures
  • Forex
  • Commodity Futures
  • ETFs (when added)
  • Options (when added)
  • Cryptos (with Lifetime License)

Where are assets are concerned, NinjaTrader takes the lead here. However, to unlock NinjaTrader’s full list of assets, there is considerable ‘buy-in’ required of NinjaTrader investors.

Out of the box, NinjaTrader is a futures broker. They handle that task well and investors can easily trade a range of futures contracts with very little starting capital. Additional asset classes can be added by either purchasing additional market data services or by linking external accounts.

That said, WeBull is no slouch in the asset class department. While there are no futures to speak of on the popular, user-friendly platform, a complete range of trading products are easily accessible to traders of all skill levels.

Winner: For futures traders: NinjaTrader. For everyone else: WeBull

Webull Assets

Web-based Trading

When it comes to web-based trading, there is no contest between NinjaTrader and WeBull.

NinjaTrader does not have a web-based platform. WeBull, on the other hand, has a fantastic browser-based option that is feature rich and always free.

With any up-to-date browser, WeBull traders can take advantage of full screen charting with plenty of industry standard indicators and trading tools. Traders at WeBull also have access to level 2 data, market news, bracket orders, fractional share trading, and much more.

Webull Stocks

Winner: WeBull

Desktop Software

When it comes to desktop software, both NinjaTrader and WeBull provide a robust solution to their respective users. However, in terms of performance and capability, the hat must tip in NinjaTrader’s favor.

WeBull’s desktop software

WeBull offers all the same great functionality on both the desktop and web-based platforms. Essentially, they are the same – although the desktop version does come with a few extra features.

Webull Trading Platform

On WeBull’s desktop platform, traders can expect ease of use, fast trade execution, High-quality free data feeds, an orderbook, asset comparison tools, and much more.

Webull Trading Platform

NinjaTrader’s desktop software

NinjaTrader offers a full-fledged professional desktop platform that can be modified and expanded to meet a trader’s needs, no matter how sophisticated those requirements become. NinjaTrader users can use either the free version of the NinjaTrader software or the pro version.

NinjaTrader Furures Trading

The free version provides all the tools that a trader would need to make successful trades. The platform is fully customizable and is comprised of as many open windows a investor deems necessary to carry out the work of trading. NinjaTrader can also be spread across multiple monitors with ease.

On a premium license, it is also possible on NinjaTrader to connect multiple brokers. This allows traders to make trades in multiple accounts at once, or switch between brokers at will without the need to change software.

NinjaTrader Futures

Another benefit to using NinjaTrader is that that data feeds from outside sources is supported. Connecting accounts from Tradestation or Coinbase, for example, creates more opportunities for enhanced trading opportunities. Features like automated trading and complex bracket orders push this product ahead of the pack.

Winner: For traders looking for desktop trading that works with minimal effort: WeBull
For serious traders who demand deep functionality: NinjaTrader


WeBull: 12 FREE stocks valued $34-$30,600 give-away at Webull.

Ninjatrader: Open Ninjatrader account.

Mobile Apps

In the mobile app department, WeBull is the reigning king when compared to NinjaTrader.

There are a few options available for NinjaTrader users to access their trading platforms via mobile, but none of these are available directly from the NinjaTrader broker itself.

Traders at NinjaTrader can make use of CQG’s mobile app or one of the few third-party solutions. While these are all viable options, NinjaTrader is not in direct control of the management of business model of these other apps. Because of that, it is difficult to credit the NinjaTrader brokerage for any benefits or drawbacks derived from them.

WeBull has a very good mobile app. The charting is excellent and users get an experience that is very close to the desktop and web-based platforms. The app loads quickly and makes short work of trading when trading needs to be done.

Investors can use the WeBull app to create and follow watchlists, place orders, conduct advanced charting tasks, and more.

Winner: WeBull

Security Research, and Investment Education

Both WeBull and NinjaTrader offer good security research and investment education. However, WeBull is the winner in this department.

WeBull provides a lot of information about the securities on offer. This includes analyst ratings and forecasts, as well as news and educational articles.

NinjaTrader has news feeds available that need to be configured when setting up a workspace. There is also periodic live trading offered, especially at market open, when traders can see how to handle the clearing range.

NinjaTrader Review

Winner: WeBull

Day Trading

Day trading on both platforms is possible and each platform comes with some strong attributes.

If you want to day trade on WeBull, you will have to have a minimum of $25,000 in your trading account, thanks to the PDT rule. Alternatively, you can limit your day trades to 3-4 a week and still be OK.

As far as WeBull’s trading platform for day trading, it is excellent. The top-notch charting, hot key implementation, and good market data, make day trading at WeBull an excellent experience.

In NinjaTrader’s case, the platform was built for day traders. As a futures broker, NinjaTrader provides a wealth of tools to help its users gain an edge. With day trading margins as low as $50 per contract, traders with account sizes large and small can take trades as often as they like.

NinjaTrader Furures Trading

Of course, it should be noted that if a trader wishes to trade ETFs, stocks, or stock options, the same PDT restrictions will apply on NinjaTrader as you will also find on WeBull.

Winner: For traders with accounts larger than 25k: WeBull

For traders looking to trade futures: NinjaTrader


WeBull: 12 FREE stocks valued $34-$30,600 give-away at Webull.

Ninjatrader: Open Ninjatrader account.


Depending on what you are looking for, both WeBull and NinjaTrader are solid choices that can each benefit traders in their own ways. WeBull provides several ways to connect, a good amount of assets to trade, and free market data. It is easier to trade stocks on WeBull which also means that options trading is more straightforward.

For anyone looking to trade primarily futures on a dedicated PC trading platform, NinjaTrader provides many tools that facilitate that.

For the everyday trader, WeBull may be the better choice. For those looking for something more serious, NinjaTrader is hard to beat.

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