Coinbase (Pro) Fees Schedule, Crypto Trading Commissions (2022)

Coinbase commissions schedule, fees, Coinbase Pro crypto trading cost, annual and inactivity charges, and online investing account pricing.

Coinbase Commissions and Fees

Whether you are planning on joining a cryptocurrency exchange or you are already a member, it is crucial that you learn the fee schedule that your exchange uses. In the case of Coinbase, that is no different. The Coinbase commission and fee schedule at Coinbase is somewhat complex and you should know what you will pay when you perform different actions on the platform.

Coinbase operates two different platforms, in fact: Coinbase and Coinbase Pro, and each of them and there are some differences in how they charge users for their services.

Coinbase Account Fees

Coinbase does not charge fees for account setup, maintenance, annual and termination fees.

Coinbase Fees

Coinbase is a versatile platform with many products, here are some of the fees and commissions that you are most likely to encounter.


There are no fees charged by Coinbase for the wallet service or for storing your funds on the Coinbase network. However, transferring cryptocurrencies in general does incur a small cost and this has nothing to do with Coinbase. An example is the ‘gas’ fee charged for every Ethereum based cryptocurrency.

Coinbase Trading, Buying, and Selling Fees

Trading on Coinbase will involve fees. Fees for trading are broken into two parts. There is the spread and the trading fee.

Coinbase adds a minimum fee of half of one percent (0.5%) as a spread fee for all trades. This fee can go up depending on market activity.

In addition, the trading fee is either a flat fee or a fee based on the percentage of the transaction. Whichever fee is highest is what Coinbase will charge.

Here is the transaction fee list:

less than $10 -> fee of $.99
between $10 and $25 -> fee of $1.49
between $25 and $50 -> fee of $1.99
above $50 -> fee of $2.99

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Coinbase Card Fees

The Coinbase Card fees are very straightforward. For the Coinbase card itself, there is no fee attached. Spending USDC (Coinbase’s cryptocurrency) also comes with no fee. Coinbase does charge a 2.49% fee on all transaction made in any other digital asset, however.

To avoid fees on the card, simply use it with USDC.

In addition to the above-mentioned fees, Coinbase also maintains a set of ‘variables’ that overrides base fees. The following is an image from Coinbase describing these variables:

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Coinbase Pro Fees

Coinbase Pro is a trader-focused platform that offers fees and commissions that coincide with high-volume trading.

Coinbase Pro Fees for Trading

When it comes to trading fees on Coinbase Pro platform, everything is based on a maker/taker system. Makers and Takers are charged different fees and those fees also change based on a tier plan. There are several tiers and the higher a trader is on the tier list, the lower the fees will be when they place trades.

Whether a trade is classified as Maker or Taker depends on how a particular trade is filled, but for the sake of understanding the fees we can simplify things by defining Makers as participants who place trades and wait to get filled and Takers as any trade using market orders. Essentially, it comes down to which types of trades add to or take away from market liquidity.

Coinbase’s Tier-based Fee Schedule for Makers and Takers is as follows:

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Fiat Fees for Deposits and Withdrawals

Another part of the Coinbase Pro schedule that is important to note are the deposit and withdrawal fees for fiat currencies. While it is certainly possible to transfer cryptocurrencies in and out of Coinbase Pro at a fraction of the cost, many traders do like to deposit fiat to trade with and then make withdrawals straight to their financial institutions.

For fiat transactions at Coinbase Pro:

ACH fiat transfers (withdrawals and deposits) are free.
Wire deposits in USD cost $10.
Wire withdrawals in USD cost $25.
SEPA deposits and withdrawals in EUR cost €0.15.
Swift transfers in GBP are free for deposits and £1 for withdrawals.

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