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Webull Recurring Investments (and Deposit) and How to Do It

If you want to set up recurring investments at Webull, you’ll be happy to know that the process is simple.

You can make recurring investments with funds already in your trading account or set up recurring deposits. In either case, the process only takes a few minutes.

Here’s how to get started with recurring investments at Webull.

Setting Up Recurring Investments on Webull

To get started, you’ll need to ensure that you can reliably fund your recurring investments.

You also need to select securities that allow recurring investments. Recurring investments can only be set up for securities that have fractional share availability.

Look for the small green diamond icon on the stock information page to see if fractional shares are available.

It is also good to know that recurring investments can only be set up on the Webull mobile app.

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Choose Your Funding Source

The two main ways to set up recurring investments at Webull are by using funds already in your trading account or by depositing new money on a regular basis. The first option is more straightforward and comes with less waiting, but neither option is difficult.

When setting up your recurring investment order, you can choose your desired funding source. If you decide to deposit new funds, Webull will use the same bank account relationship it uses for all other deposits.

To set up recurring investments with funds already in your trading account, select ‘Webull Buying Power.’

To set up recurring investments with new money, simply select the ACH option and follow the steps.

Webull Recurring Investing

Webull Recurring Investment

Webull Recurring Payment Method

Webull Automatic Investing

Webull Automatic Investments

Webull Recurring Investment Frequency

You’ll also notice that Webull offers several recurring investment frequencies to help you fine-tune your approach.

You can set up recurring investments that trigger daily, weekly, twice a month, or monthly. When setting up your investment schedule, you’ll want to decide on a specific day/date for the deposit/investment to transact.

Allowable Asset Types

Most of Webull’s available securities are candidates for recurring investments. That includes stocks and ETFs. There are some exceptions, however.

If fractional share trading is available for your chosen security, you can set up recurring investments for most stocks and ETFs.

As mentioned, you can tell if the security has fractional shares enabled by the small green diamond icon on a security’s information page.

Several stocks at Webull do not support fractional shares trading, so you’ll want to check before searching for the recurring investment option.

For ETFs, there is an additional restriction on recurring investments. The feature is not available for ETFs that are volatility-based, leveraged, or inverse.

Cryptocurrencies have no restrictions.

Webull Recurring Investment Details

Before setting up recurring investments at Webull, there are a few details that can help you make the most of your experience.


You can have five recurring investment orders open at any one time. If you want to set up a new one, you’ll need to cancel one of the orders you already have.

If you want to adjust your recurring investment list, note that you can only cancel one recurring investment order per (trading) day.


Settlement is another thing to keep in mind. Trade and deposit settlement impacts recurring investments.

If you use your brokerage account balance as an income source for recurring investments, note that settlement rules differ between margin and cash accounts. Margin accounts can use the ‘available balance’ for recurring investments, while cash accounts can only use fully settled funds.

When using the recurring deposit method, scheduled investments can only occur once the ACH transfer settles (which can take up to 5 days). Once new deposits settle, Webull will automatically complete the recurring investment order.

Recurring investments in cryptocurrencies can only be made with fully settled funds.

Webull Recurring Investment Amount Limits

There is a $5 minimum per recurring investment. There is a $25,000 maximum per recurring investment.

Why Set Up Recurring Investments on Webull

There are many reasons why you would consider setting up recurring investments. Most relate to long-term capital growth, but convenience is also a strong motivator for investors.

Here are a few of the most popular reasons investors have for taking advantage of Webull’s recurring investments.

- Dollar Cost Averaging
- Automatic Savings Plan
- Compounding Growth
- Convenience
- Time Efficiency

Webull Recurring Investments Summary

Setting up recurring investments at Webull is very easy, and Webull provides a long list of securities that are available for the program. Whether you are looking for a way to invest in securities you believe in long-term regularly, create a capital growth plan, or just want to stop forgetting to invest, recurring investments could undoubtedly help.

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