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TD Ameritrade Minimum Deposit To Open an Investment Account

2022 TD Ameritrade minimum investment to open brokerage account or ROTH IRA. TD Ameritrade minimum balance and initial deposit amount requirement.

TD Ameritrade Minimum Deposit Amounts

TD Ameritrade minimum investment to open brokerage account $0
TD Ameritrade minimum amount to open brokerage margin account $2,000 in cash and/or securities
TD Ameritrade minimum initial deposit to open ROTH IRA, Traditional IRA, Simple IRA, or SEP IRA $0
TD Ameritrade minimum balance requirement for brokerage or IRA none

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$0 commissions + transfer fee reimbursement.

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Open TD Ameritrade Account

Open TD Ameritrade Account

Trading Tools

TD Ameritrade has a very good screener. Several important criteria can be specified in a screen, such as 30-day yield, Sharpe ratio, minimum investment, expense ratio, and fund manager tenure. Users can also search by Morningstar category. There are many categories to choose from, such as real estate, bear market, commodities, Japan stock, real estate, large-cap growth, and many more. Searching for mutual funds in the corporate bond category returns 77 funds, some of which have no transaction fee and 5 stars from Morningstar. Results from a screen can be displayed by various criteria, such as performance, ratings and risk, and fees and expenses. Specific screens can be saved to use later, making future searches easier.

Traders can also use predefined screens. Categories include fund of funds, high-yield fixed income, global bond, low expense ratios, and small-cap blend.

Hovering over a fund's ticker symbol in the screener's results produces a small graph showing the fund's NAV history during the past 6 months. Clicking on the white arrow in the green square produces a window where users can set an alert for the fund, go to a more detailed chart, or place a trade. Buy and sell links are also displayed.

Clicking on the ticker symbol takes the user to a detailed information page on the fund. Here, users will find a wealth of important information. TD Ameritrade provides a mutual fund brief in pdf format with data pulled from Morningstar.

Information is displayed in different categories and is separated by tabs. These include performance, fees and management, portfolio, and ratings and risk. At the top of the page is a link to the fund's prospectus along with buy and sell buttons.

Charts for mutual funds can show price history from the fund's inception date. Price action can also be compared to any index or stock. Available graph styles include line, mountain, and dot.

The broker has a very useful trade ticket called SnapTicket. It appears at the bottom of the web browser. Unfortunately, it is designed for use with stocks, ETFs, and options. Mutual fund trades cannot be placed on it.

Besides the website, TD Ameritrade provides two additional platforms. First is Trade Architect, a Java-based system. Second is thinkorswim, a desktop platform. Unfortunately, the applications are designed for trading stocks, options, ETFs, forex, and futures. Mutual fund trades must be placed over the phone or on the website.

The firm does offer mobile applications for Apple and Android. Regrettably, mutual fund trades cannot be placed on any of the broker's mobile platforms. One mobile app does have the capacity for limited mutual fund research.

Does TD Ameritrade Offer Fidelity Funds?

TD Ameritrade offers mutual funds from hundreds of fund families. Currently, the broker offers 549 Fidelity funds, all of which carry the standard $49.99 transaction fee.

Does TD Ameritrade Offer Vanguard Funds?

Investors also have access to 102 Vanguard funds at TD Ameritrade, all of which carry a transaction fee. The Vanguard funds cover several categories, such as retirement income and real estate, and include both debt and equity.

TD Ameritrade Minimum Deposit Disclaimer

TD Ameritrade initial deposit minimum amount to open an investment account can change without notice.

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