Interactive Brokers Minimum Deposit

2022 Interactive Brokers minimum balance for a taxable account or a traditional/ROTH IRA. Interactive Brokers minimum deposit (initial amount) to open an account and an account minimum requirements.

Interactive Brokers Minimum Deposit

There are a few minimums at Interactive Brokers that traders need to be aware of. Our research reveals the details.

In the past, Interactive Brokers had a $10,000 minimum deposit requirement to open a brokerage account. That policy has been retired, and today, the brokerage firm requires no deposit at all to open an account.

An Interactive Brokers account has no on-going fees of any kind, and some trades will qualify for zero commissions.

Interactive Brokers Minimum Balance Requirement

On top of the $0 opening deposit requirement, Interactive Brokers has no minimum balance requirement on any of its retail accounts.

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Interactive Brokers Account Minimum

There is no minimum dollar value at Interactive Brokers to open or maintain an account. There also is no account minimum to gain access to any software program or perform any other activity.

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IBKR Minimum Account Value for Margin Trading

An Interactive Brokers account must have a minimum of $2,000 in account equity before it can begin trading on margin.

To qualify for Portfolio Margin, an account must have a net liquidation value (NLV) of at least $110,000 (or USD equivalent).

IBKR Minimum Trade Amount

Because Interactive Brokers offers fractional-share trading (and fractional-coin trading), one share is no longer the minimum trade amount. Stocks and ETFs now have a $1 minimum trade amount at Interactive Brokers. Cryptocurrencies have no minimum at all.

IBKR Minimum Purchase Amounts for Mutual Funds

Although Interactive Brokers’ mutual fund screener isn’t the most robust we have seen, it does nevertheless have the ability to look through thousands of funds. During our research, we located funds with minimum initial purchase amounts anywhere from $0 up to $5,000,000.

Once a mutual fund position is established, subsequent purchases can be made at other minimums. During our research on Interactive Brokers’ platform, these also varied quite a bit. Some funds have $0 minimums, while others are in the thousands.

IBKR Minimum Mutual Fund Hold Time

Interactive Brokers does not have a minimum hold time on any of its funds, although some funds may impose their own minimums.

IBKR Minimum Bond Commission

Every corporate and muni bond trade at Interactive Brokers has a $1 minimum commission. Every Treasury trade has a $5 minimum.

Minimum Commission on Precious Metals

Interactive Brokers has a $2 minimum commission on gold and silver trades placed on the London market. The actual trade fee will be higher on large orders.

Minimum Commission on Crypto Trades

There is a minimum commission of $1.75 on trades of cryptocurrencies (with a maximum of 1% of trade value).

Minimum Commission on Forex Trades

Interactive Brokers has a tiered minimum commission on trades of traditional currencies. The minimum trade fee ranges from $1 to $2. The actual minimum commission depends on the account’s monthly trade volume.

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Interactive Brokers Minimum System Requirements

The various software applications available to Interactive Brokers customers have minimum system requirements, and it’s important to be aware of them as trying to install an application on the wrong computer can lead to problems in functionality.

The IBKR mobile app can only be used on iPad 2 or later, or iPhone 5S or later. In either case, the minimum operating system is iOS 13.0 or later.

For Android devices, there is no minimum device type, although there is a minimum operating system. It is OS 7.0 or higher.

For IB’s flagship desktop software Trader Workstation, there are minimums for the operating systems the platform is capable of running on. These include Mac, Windows, and Linux.

For Windows machines, the minimum operating system is Windows Vista. The recommended level is Windows 7 or higher. For Macintosh, the minimum OS is Mac OSX 10.7, while the recommended system is Mac OSX 10.9.5.

Computers running Linux must have at least Kernel 2.6. Interactive Brokers recommends 3.0 or higher.

On all PCs, a minimum of 2 GB of memory must be installed, and Interactive Brokers recommends at least 4 GB. Also, on all machines, Java 6 or 7 must be installed.

Finally, APIs that are used with an Interactive Brokers account will have their own unique minimum system requirements. The exact requirements will depend on the specific API used.

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Updated on 6/30/2022.

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