Merrill Edge Minimum balance

Merrill Edge Minimum Deposit

2022 Merrill Edge minimum balance for a taxable account or a traditional/ROTH IRA. Merrill Edge minimum deposit (initial amount) to open an account and an account minimum requirements.

Merrill Edge Minimum Deposit

Merrill Edge has both managed and self-directed accounts. There are minimums of various types on these accounts. We’ve done the research for you, and here are the results:

Merrill Edge requires a $1,000 deposit amount to open a managed account. This is the bottom rung of the company’s investment-advisory service. A Merrill Edge Guided Investing account that is opened with a financial advisor attached to it requires a much steeper $20,000 to open.

The first account type costs 45 basis points per year, while the second option with the dedicated advisor is 85 basis points.

For a self-directed account, Merrill Edge has no minimum opening deposit amount. Self-directed accounts also have no management fees.

Wealth management accounts with Merrill Lynch have their own minimums. These are negotiated at account opening.

Open Merrill Edge Account

Open Merrill Edge Account

Merrill Edge Minimum Balance Requirement

None of the brokerage accounts available through Merrill Edge have a minimum balance amount.

Merrill Edge Account Minimum

Although a managed account has to be initially funded with the minimum amount specified above, there is no on-going account minimum. Self-directed accounts have no account minimums at all, assuming they are cash accounts.

Merrill Edge vs Competitors

Merrill Edge Minimum Account Value for Margin Trading

A self-directed margin account at Merrill Edge is a different story. It must have account equity of at least $2,000 before it can trade on margin.

Margin accounts that have a minimum of $250,000 in assets get negotiated margin rates at Merrill Edge.

Minimum Trade Amount

For equity trades, Merrill Edge offers only whole-share trading. Fractional shares are not currently available, except those obtained through dividend reinvesting. Thus, the minimum trade amount is one share.

Minimum Initial Purchase Amounts for Mutual Funds

Merrill Edge has more than 2,000 mutual funds that are open to new investors. Using the broker’s fund screener, we found minimum purchase amounts ranging from $0 to $10,000.

Minimum Subsequent Purchase Amounts for Mutual Funds

For subsequent purchases after a fund position has been established, the fund may have a subsequent minimum purchase amount. It can differ from the initial purchase minimum. When this happens, the subsequent is usually lower than the initial minimum.

Using Merrill Edge’s fund screener, we found subsequent minimum purchase amounts in the same range as initial ($0 to $10,000 or more).

Minimum Mutual Fund Hold Time

Mutual funds with neither load nor transaction fee must be held at least 90 days after purchase. Otherwise, Merrill Edge charges a $39.95 short-term redemption fee.

Minimum Bond Commission

The minimum trade fee on most bond trades (including corporate bonds, munis, and agency debt, but not Treasuries or brokered CDs) is $10. Any trade with more than 10 bonds will incur a higher fee because the commission is $1 per bond.

Minimum Debit Card Fees

Merrill Edge assesses a $2.50 minimum fee anytime its Visa debit card is used overseas. For transactions above $1,000, the fee will be higher because there is no maximum on the 0.25% fee.

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Merrill Edge Minimum System Requirements

While the Merrill Edge website may work with almost any browser, the investment firm recommends Firefox 93 or higher, Chrome 93 or higher, and Edge 96 or higher for Windows computers.

For machines running macOS, Merrill Edge suggests Safari 14.x or higher, Firefox 93 or higher, or Chrome 93 or higher. The operating system should be 10.9 or higher.

The Merrill site does use JavaScript, and this needs to be enabled on any computer.

Merrill Edge’s mobile app also has system minimums. iPhones and iPads should use iOS 12.5 or higher. Android devices should use 6 or higher.

Then there is MarketPro®. This is Merrill’s advanced desktop program. This software requires Windows 7 or higher or macOS 10.14 or higher.

Starting MarketPro follows a somewhat different path than other brokers’ trading platforms. To launch Merrill’s platform, ICE WebStart must first be installed on the computer. Once this software is installed, a discrete file must be downloaded from the Merrill Edge website each time the platform is launched (the relevant link is under the Trade tab on the website).

The browser that downloads the necessary file should have pop-up blocking disabled, cookies enabled, and the ability to connect to the Web through port 80, 443, or 2812.

Open Merrill Edge Account

Open Merrill Edge Account

Updated on 6/30/2022.

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