Webull Cash Management, Debit/Credit Cards, and Checking/Savings Account in 2022

2022 Webull cash management account review, interest rate yield, free check-writing, CMA debit/credit card, online bill pay, and reimbursement of bank ATM fees.

Webull Cash Management Account

Unfortunately, Webull does not offer any cash management features right now. If you want to get good return on your brokerage cash balances, then read about M1 Finance cash management.

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Webull Debit (Credit) Card

Webull does not offer debit and credit cards right now.

Webull Checking/Savings Accounts

Webull does not provide savings and checking accounts right now.

Should I Use WeBull?

Webull Financial is a relatively new brokerage firm offering $0 trades. After reading this article, you’ll have a better idea whether this broker is worth it or not.

Safety and Security

Using FINRA’s BrokerCheck, we discovered that Webull Financial is registered with the SEC, the major watchdog of the U.S. securities industry. The broker’s SEC ID number is 69978, which so far shows a clean record. Webull is also a member of FINRA, the self-regulatory body of the American investing landscape.

Insurance for Webull accounts is provided by SIPC. There is a limit of $500,000 per account. A maximum of $250,000 can be applied to cash balances. The broker’s clearing firm is APEX Clearing House, a well-known group in the industry.

While Webull meets all the organizational checks, it’s a rather new company, which leaves some questions unanswered. Webull’s FINRA profile shows that the company was established in May of 2017.

Webull Comparison

Perhaps the most similar brokerage firms to Webull are Robinhood and TD Ameritrade. All of them are $0 brokers with mobile platforms. Robinhood started out as mobile-only, like Webull, but recently added website trading. It remains at $0, so it’s now slightly ahead of Webull.

One of the areas where Webull seems to outperform Robinhood is in the trading platform category. Webull’s app has many more features than Robinhood’s does. For example, the Robinhood app lacks a simulated trading environment and all the great investment research features that its rival here has.

While we think Webull would be a better choice than Robinhood, we can’t leave Firstrade out of the picture. Firstrade also offers $0 commissions, which places it in the same category now as Webull and Robinhood. Firstrade, though, offers mutual funds, options, and bonds (bonds don’t have $0 trading fees, though). The broker also provides website trading in addition to its mobile app. Firstrade has better customer service features than the two low-cost firms here, including online chat.

While some brokers such as Fidelity and TD Ameritrade offer a lot of security research tools, these resources are mostly on the websites. Mobile apps typically have far less information on them. Because Webull is focusing more on mobile trading, all of its research tools are on its mobile app, which may be an advantage for some traders.

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