Stash reinvest dividends

Stash DRIP: Dividend Reinvestment in 2022

Stash dividend reinvestment program fee and enrollment, commission, fractional shares. Stash DRIP plan for stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, and ADRs. Is it free?

Stash’s Dividends Reinvestment and Taxes

Stash does not automatically reinvest dividends for users, which has its pros and cons. On the plus side, the investor can choose to reinvest in the producing stock or ETF, or into a new investment.

On the negative side, if you want to have minimal involvement in the investing process, it takes a few clicks to reinvest your dividends manually monthly or quarterly, depending on when they are paid out.

Since there are no trading fees, and you are buying fractional shares, it's possible to reinvest those small initial dividends with no cost.

Stash also prepares the relevant tax forms at no cost. The tax documents are released in the month of February the year after the account is opened. So, if the account was opened in summer of last year, the first tax statement is prepared in February of this year. 

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Buying Precious Metals

One unique and appealing aspect of Stash is the option to invest in previous metals, which are hosted under the title All That Glitters. The Stash includes gold, silver, platinum, and palladium coins, though, gold makes up the wider share of the investment at 59.08% of the total exposure. 

This presents a good opportunity to buy metal in a way that feels more interesting than buying coins really is. 

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Withdrawing Funds

Withdrawing from Stash is easy, and it can be done in the app or on the website. 

Stash holds onto new cash for 5 business days after the initial deposit. It displays the amount available for immediate withdrawal in the app under the title Buying Power. 

Stash says it takes 1-3 business days to transfer the money back to the bank account linked to the Stash account. 

Stash Review

Stash Invest rating

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Stash Invest vs M1 Finance

In our opinion, a new investor should start with Stash, and use that $5 incentive for opening the account as the equivalent of management for 5 months. Use that 5 months to learn as much as possible about investing and use the Stash app to monitor your investments. When that 5 months is up, see if you feel like you have learned enough to find a better platform. If you have, M1 Finance is a great option. There are other options out there, but M1 is one of the best. If you are uncomfortable with the change, keep using Stash. It will still provide great service and investing options. As they continue to expand their offerings, Stash users will have first dibs on opening accounts with the new options.

Stash is ideal for inexperienced investors who want to throw a pumpkin spice latte’s worth of cash into an investment portfolio every once in a while, and are curious in learning about the investing process. However, the combination of the fees and the deposit strategy suggest that it is a place for saving money for a rainy day, not users’ golden years. For a more serious investing vehicle, users should take a look at other services in the  Brokerage Reviews.

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