TradeStation Hidden Fees

2019 TradeStation hidden fees list. Does TradeStation charge additional fees on brokerage or IRA account? TradeStation monthly fee.

TradeStation Hidden Fees

TradeStation charges for data from several notable exchanges. Quotes from both the New York Stock Exchange and the American Stock Exchange are $1 per month. Nasdaq Level I data also costs $1 every month, while Level II quotes are a much steeper $11. At TD Ameritrade market data, even Level 2 quates are free for non-professional traders.

Futures accounts have to pay even more for vital information. Data from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange is $40 or $105, depending on the specific package chosen. The broker offers a futures data bundle that costs $20 per month.

There is $50 annual fee if client makes less than 5 trades and average account balance is less than $2,000.

For every ACH or check that is returned, the broker charges $25. TradeStation also charges $1 per page for every statement or trade confirmation that it mails. Keep in mind that the fee is per page.

An IRA at TradeStation has a $35 annual fee if account balance is under under $25,000. Many brokers today have eliminated on-going retirement account costs. Merrill Edge, Firstrade, and Fidelity, for example, don't charge any on-going fees for retirement accounts.

TradeStation charges $50 to close an IRA. By contrast, TD Ameritrade charges nothing to close a retirement account.

Option assignments and exercises completed at the contract's expiration date cost $1.50 per contract with a $5.95 minimum. An assignment or exercise before expiry costs a rather steep $14.95.

When a mandatory corporate action is performed by a stock, such as a split, TradeStation will charge your account $20 even though you have no control over the event. Voluntary events, such as when a company issues a tender offer for stock, are charged $50 each.


Fees That TradeStation Does Not Charge

While TradeStation does have some steep fees for data from some sources, Reuters Fundamental Data is free, as is Benzinga news.

Instead of a flat commission that most other brokers use, TradeStation clients can sign up for per-share commissions. The price can be as low as 0.6¢ per share, with a $1 minimum per order. High volume traders can pay as little as 0.2¢ per share for large orders. The trade minimum here is only $0.50.

The broker offers an options pricing system where there is no base charge. Other brokers usually do charge a base fee. Scottrade, for example, charges $6.95 plus 70¢ for each contract. TradeStation's commission is just $1 per derivative contract with no minimum or base charge.

List of TradeStation Fees

Under this link you could find the list of company's commissions and all the account fees charged.

TradeStation Inactivity Fee

TradeStation has cancelled its account inactivity fee.

TradeStation Monthly Fee

TradeStation has cancelled its monthly fee.

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TradeStation hidden fees are as of 2019 and are subject to change. For the most recent information on TradeStation hidden charges visit their website.