Stock Brokers With Partial (Fractional) Shares

Online brokerage firms that offer investing in fractional (partial) shares of stocks and ETFs in 2021

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Are you looking for a place to trade fractional shares of stocks on a mobile app? Public may be the answer you seek. Here’s the lowdown on this budget broker:

Brokerage Services

Public offers trading in stocks, closed-end funds, and ETFs. The brokerage house doesn’t offer any other investment vehicles. So you won’t be able to trade cryptocurrencies, mutual funds, or any other product.

In return, you’ll get to buy and sell whole dollars of securities. Instead of trading 1 share or 500 shares, you can trade $1 or $500 of your favorite stock or fund. It doesn’t matter what the asset price is. You can trade less than one share of a really expensive stock if you wish.

Public Trading Review: Themes

Open Public Account

Open Public Account


And how are these trades placed? Public doesn’t offer any type of advanced software. There is no desktop program here, and you can forget about a browser platform because the company doesn’t even have a website login. You’ll need to use Public’s mobile app.

Functioning on both Android and Apple platforms, it offers basic charting, security data, and a helpful social network.

Investment Experience

That last feature is what makes Public unique. When you place a trade, you can post it on a forum where other users can comment on it. You can follow other traders at Public, unfollow them, like trades, and join in on many lively discussions.

Public Investing Review: Stocks

Finding Securities

To locate a stock or ETF you want to trade, the mobile app has a search field. Just enter the ticker symbol or company name, and you’ll have the asset’s profile with a trade button.

If you don’t yet have a security in mind, the mobile app offers themes, which are categories of stocks and investments, like “Fighting Disease” and “Cash Cows.” These are grouped into tiles. Just tap on a tile and you’ll get a list of stocks and funds.


If you’re wondering what all of this costs, the answer is very little. Like other brokers in the U.S., Public has lowered its stock and ETF commission to $0. There are also zero account fees.

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