Public App penny stocks

Public App OTC Stocks (Penny Stocks) in 2022

Public penny stock fees: commission charged for buying pink sheets/OTCBB bulletin board/gray market/stocks priced under $1. Rules and policy. Can I buy OTC stocks on Public app?

Can I Buy Penny Stocks on Public App?

Public app does not offer investing in penny stocks, pink sheets, and OTC BB stocks. As an alternative, you can use Firstrade that provides access to OTC stocks with $0 commission (learn more).

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Get 2 FREE stocks and $0 commission in ALL trades!

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Open Public Account

Get a FREE stock and $0 commission stocks/ETFs/partial shares.

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What Brokerage Services Does Offer?

Public brokerage app offers trading in the following investment vehicles:

  • Stocks
  • ETFs
  • Closed-end funds
  • Cryptocurrencies

The following assets are not yet available:

  • Options
  • Futures
  • Mutual funds
  • Forex
  • Bonds
  • OTC equities
  • Penny stocks

The not-available list is obviously much longer than the available list. We are sure that grows in the future.

Public Investing Review

To trade the small selection of investments that are available, clients can open individual taxable accounts. The following accounts are not available at

  • Joint accounts
  • Retirement accounts
  • Business accounts
  • Education accounts
  • Custodial accounts
  • Margin accounts

Unfortunately, does not offer any investment advice, robo-investing, or other features many investors will want to use.

How Much Does it Cost?

This is where really shines. Trades are free, and there are no account minimums. The broker-dealer charges nothing to open or close an account. Obviously, this is a great place for small investors.

There are a few miscellaneous fees for uncommon services. For example, an outgoing ACAT transfer is $75, and broker-assisted trades are $30 each.

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How Good Is the Software? doesn’t have a desktop program, browser platform, or even a website login. The only trading system is the broker’s mobile app, which works on Apple and Android tablets and phones. The broker’s website is used to advertise its services.

There isn’t much trading per se on’s app. The order form is very simple. If you’re trading fractional shares, the order ticket defaults to a market order. If you buy whole shares, you can choose from among limit, market, and stop orders.

Public Trading Review: Charts

Charting on the app is basically horrendous. There is only a small graph in line format. It cannot be rotated horizontally, and there are no charting tools of any kind.

But a security’s profile does have some decent information below the chart. Helpful data points include:

  • News reports
  • Consensus analyst ratings
  • Company events, including upcoming events
  • Brief earnings history
  • Trade stats like volume and market cap

To actually find stocks and funds, the Public app offers themes. These include things like ‘Stay at Home’ and ‘Meatless Revolution.’ Tapping on a tile generates a list of stocks and ETFs that fit the bill. Under the category ‘Self-Driving Cars,’ we found the following stocks:

Public Trading Review: Themes

  • General Motors
  • Google
  • Nvidia
  • IBM
  • Uber

One noteworthy highlight on the Public app is the community aspect. Trades can be posted to the community forum, and other users can comment and like a trade. Posts can also be exported. This social-networking feature provides a way to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of trades.

Public Investing Review: Stocks

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