WeBull Penny Stocks and OTC Stocks Trades

2019 WeBull penny stock fees: commission charged for buying pink sheets/OTCBB/stocks priced under $1. Is WeBull good for (offers) penny stocks trading?

Does WeBull Offer Penny Stocks?

WeBull does NOT offer trading OTC (over the counter) securities and pink sheets stocks.

WeBull, however, does offer penny stocks defined as securities with share price under $5.00, provided they are listed on either NYSE or NASDAQ.

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WeBull Penny Stock Fees

WeBull currently does not charge any fees for trading stocks with share price under $5, also called penny stocks. List of all the broker fees is here: WeBull fees »

WeBull Promotion

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Stock Alerts and Calendars

A neat feature of Webull is the ability to set custom price and volume alerts for stocks. This is helpful if you are looking to scale into a position because you can have the app automatically notify you if the stock price drops to a more attractive level. Webull also maintains a customized financial calendar for you, which tracks important financial events, such as earnings and dividends, for your portfolio.

Virtual Trading Feature

One feature of Webull that sets it apart from the competition is their virtual trading tool, which allows you to place “practice trades” in a virtual account where no actual money is involved. This could be especially helpful for new investors who are nervous about jumping in to the market with both feet as they can get the true feel of trading in the market without risking their money until they’re ready.


To summarize, Webull’s strengths are its free trades, customizable stock alerts, and its virtual trading tool. Its main weak points are its lack of investment offerings, a web-based trading platform, and strong customer service. Webull would probably be a good fit for you if you only plan on trading U.S. stocks and ETFs, however you should explore their competition if you want to trade other types of securities.

Don’t Forget the Risks

While looking for the next penny stock that is going to rocket into the stratosphere, don’t forget that the OTC market is inherently more risky than the major US exchanges. OTC exchanges have less government oversight, more volatility, and less liquidity.

These realities create an environment where criminal activity is more likely, and buyers are harder to find. The Pink Sheet marketplace especially has seen its share of securities fraud over its lifetime.

Penny Stocks on WeBull Disclaimer

WeBull penny stock fees and information can change at any time. Check broker's website for the most recent data before taking any action.