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DEGIRO review: investments, broker rating, account stock trading fees 2023. Is it a good firm? DEGIRO cost, minimums, ETFs, and mutual funds.

DEGIRO Overview

DEGIRO is a broker that has taken Europe by storm. Thanks to its low fees, convenient trading platforms, and multi-national accessibility, DEGIRO has reached heights many others have not. The Dutch broker has expanded into several European countries and holds numerous awards for providing a high-quality investment experience.

Keep reading to see why so many investors are trading at DEGIRO.

Asset Classes

Investors can access many different asset classes at DEGIRO. Stocks, ETFs, options, futures, Forex, commodities, fixed-income products (bonds & CDs), rights & warrants, funds, indexes, and CFDs.

In addition to the large number of available investment options, DEGIRO provides securities from exchanges across the globe.

Exchanges and Markets

DEGIRO connects investors to over 50 exchanges from as many as 30 countries. Whether you want to trade securities trading on European, Asian, North American, or anything else, all the most prominent exchanges are represented.

Go here for a complete list of global exchanges available at DEGIRO.

DEGIRO exchanges

Supported Countries

If you live in Europe and want to access DEGIRO, there is a good chance you’ll be able to create an account at the popular broker. DEGIRO is available in 18 countries.

DEGIRO available countries

DEGIRO Fees and Commissions

Due to the long list of supported securities and exchanges, it is possible to have differing prices for similar investment vehicles. There is also a ‘handling’ fee to be aware of.

For example, stocks from Ireland and many other parts of the world (listed as global within DEGIRO’s fee schedule) come with a commission ranging from €2 per trade to €5. The handling fee applies to these as well. US shares do not have the commission attached, but the handling fee still exists.

Core Selection ETFs cost €0 to trade, but ETFs, ETNs, and ETCs that are not included in the ‘Core Selection’ list come with a trade fee ranging from €2 to €3.90.

Bonds (France, Belgium, Portugal, Netherlands, Germany, and France) cost €2 per transaction.

Investment funds from Morgan Stanley cost nothing, but for all others, the fee is €3.90, plus a 0.20% service fee.


Options and futures contracts from every region and exchange cost €0.75 per contract per side.

Open DEGIRO Account

Open DEGIRO Account


Several advantages come with DEGIRO. Some of the highlights are:

Low Costs – DEGIRO is a budget broker offering a surprising list of services at very reasonable rates. You would be hard-pressed to find another broker offering the same for less.

Fractional Shares – Establishing positions based on a trade price instead of a share amount creates many beneficial opportunities: under-capitalized investors and anyone looking to develop specific weightings within their portfolio benefit most.


Ease of Use – DEGIRO’s trading software is simple and easy to use. Creating an account is also straightforward.

Global Access – Investors from many countries can use DEGIRO’s services. In addition, investors can seek out investment opportunities from around the world.

Solid Asset Listing – The number of investment vehicles on offer is impressive.


Lack of Analytical Resources – There is a noticeable lack of analytical resources and research tools. The simplified approach sacrifices tools many investors depend on.

No Paper Trading – A broker focused on the ‘everyday investor’ should provide opportunities for practice. DEGIRO does not offer paper trading at this time.

Learning Center Lacks Depth – DEGIRO is a broker with beginners in mind. Experienced investors can find plenty to like at the broker, but the learning center content primarily covers basic topics and concepts.

DEGIRO Review and Recommendation

DEGIRO’s simplistic approach, global reach, robust asset class offering, and low fees make the broker an excellent choice for investors looking for easy access to the financial markets.

Investors with little experience or with a long-term investing goal would do very well at DEGIRO, as would anyone looking for a no-nonsense tool for making transactions on the go. Day traders and investors trading positions of considerable size may also benefit from DEGIRO’s pricing schedule, as fees are charged on a per-trade basis.

DEGIRO is not the best broker for anyone looking for advanced trading software, social interaction with other traders, or extensive research tools.



DEGIRO Review Summary

DEGIRO does an excellent job of providing a service to the investors it focuses on. Simplicity and low investment costs, coupled with a huge selection of investment vehicles and access across nearly 20 European countries, make DEGIRO an attractive broker.

Investors looking for a greater level of technical analysis and research tools can easily make up for the few shortcomings DEGIRO has by using third-party resources.

All in all, DEGIRO is an excellent option for new and experienced investors alike.

Open DEGIRO Account

Open DEGIRO Account

Updated on 2/13/2023.

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