Fidelity Level 2 Quotes

Fidelity Level 2 Quotes and Real Time Streaming Quotes (2022)

Fidelity level 2 quotes (NASDAQ TotalView) data and real time streaming stock quotes fees, cost, and account requirements. Does Fidelity offer free NASDAQ level II quotes? How to access level 2 quotes on Active Trader Pro.

Fidelity Real Time Streaming Quotes

If you’re looking for Level 1 or Level 2 quotes, Fidelity has them. Even better, they are free of charge.

Level 1 Quotes at Fidelity

Fidelity charges nothing for Level 1 quotes on stocks and ETFs. These are real-time quotes on the most recent trade price of a security along with real-time figures on the top bid and ask numbers. They appear on the website, mobile app, and desktop platform.

Level 2 Quotes on Fidelity Active Trader Pro

At Fidelity, Level 2 quotes will be found on Active Trader Pro (only). This is the broker’s advanced desktop program. Level 2 quotes are not available on the company’s mobile app or website.

To use Level 2 quotes on the desktop software, you have to pull up the Directed Trade & Extended Hours ticket. It will be found under the Trade & Orders tab in the top horizontal menu.

Fidelity Level 2 quotes

On this special order ticket, Level 2 quotes occupy the bottom-left section. The quotes can be displayed either in shades of blue or a combination of colors. To change the color scheme, right click on the quotes and select Settings. In the pop-up window that appears, look for “Quote Book Colors.” This is where the color scheme can be changed.

Other adjustments can be made in this settings window. For example, it’s possible to limit the number of bid and ask numbers that are displayed. And the trades populated with bid and ask clicks can be changed, too.

Next to the Level 2 numbers is a section for time & sales data. These numbers are also presented in real time. They scroll in vertical format with a timestamp down to the second with share amounts and prices. The market venue where a specific trade takes place is also shown.

Open Fidelity Account

Open Fidelity Account

Signing Up Level 2 on Fidelity

To enable real-time quotes on an account, hover over the Accounts & Trade tab on the website and select Account Features.

On the page that appears, open up the Brokerage & Trading section by clicking on the plus sign next to the link. In the drop-down menu, select Real-Time Quotes. On the next screen, you’ll need to specify professional or non-professional status and agree to the fine print.

Real-time quotes can be added to one account or to an entire Fidelity login. In the left-hand column, you should select either one account or the top tab labeled All Accounts.

TD Ameritrade as a Second Option

Multiple data subscription packages are available at TD Ameritrade. Professionals do have to pay for these, although Level 2 quotes are free for both professionals and non-professionals. Here are the monthly prices:

Data PackageNon-professionalsProfessionals
NASDAQ Level 1FREE$24.00
OPRA quotesFREE$31.50
AMEX quotesFREE$23.00
NYSE quotesFREE$45.00
ICE Futures$110.00$110.00

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Updated on 4/2/2022.

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