WeBull Level 2 Price

WeBull Level 2 Quotes Cost (2022)

WeBull level 2 quotes (NASDAQ TotalView) data cost and account requirements. Does WeBull offer free NASDAQ level II quotes? How to access level 2 quotes on WeBull.

Level II Quotes at WeBull

Do you need Level II quotes for more trading detail? Webull has them, and it’s super easy to sign up.

Level II quotes are part of Nasdaq TotalView, which Webull calls Level II Advance. The top 50 levels of bids and asks are included at Level II. A subscription to Nasdaq TotalView also comes with NOII (Net Order Imbalance Indicator) data. Webull charges $1.99 per month for access to TotalView.

New customers at Webull are eligible for a free trial of Nasdaq TotalView. The trial lasts for 90 days. To sign up, open the mobile app and tap on the Watchlists tab at the bottom. Then tap on the account icon in the upper-right. Next, scroll through the tiles in the Promotion Center. You’ll see a tile for free Level II quotes. If you don’t sign up to continue the data subscription, the trial will automatically cancel.

The great advantage of Level II quotes are of course the extra 49 bid and ask prices. On Webull’s software, these will show the share amounts as well.

To determine if Level II data is enabled on your Webull account, just look for the Lv2 icon. It will appear in the top of an asset’s profile next to several other icons that show whether the asset is shortable and marginable, for example. If Level II data is enabled, you’ll see a yellow Lv2 icon. If Level I data is being used, a blue Lv1 icon will show instead.

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Using Level II Quotes on WeBull

On Webull’s desktop platform, widgets can be added and deleted easily. The widgets icon is located in the top title bar next to the search bar. Click on the widgets icon to produce the widgets window. This window has a menu on the left-hand side that is divided by several categories.

In the Quote category, you will find NOII and Order Book. These two widgets can be added to the desktop platform. NOII obviously has NOII data, and the Order Book widget is where Level II quotes will be found. To add a widget to the desktop system, just click on the blue plus sign that appears next to the title of the widget.

Webull Level 2 quotes

As prices come in on the Order Book, simply click on a bid or ask price to populate the platform’s trade ticket.

On the browser platform, look for the settings icon in the upper-right corner of a security’s profile heading (where the last trade price is shown). Click on this settings icon to get a list of widgets. Once again, the Order Book is where Level II data will be found.

To find this data on the mobile app, enter the ticker symbol and then select the Chart tab. Beneath the chart, you’ll see the Order Book. The level (I or II) will be shown. Tap on the drop-down arrow next to this place to switch between the levels.

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Other Level II Packages on WeBull

Webull also offers Level II data for the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Up to 10 levels of bid and ask numbers are available. Quotes automatically refresh, which does not happen without Level II data. Webull’s service also comes with a screener and data on bid and ask volumes.

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Updated on 3/28/2022.

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