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Can I Buy Vanguard Funds Through Webull? Does Webull Offer Fidelity Index Mutual Funds/ETFs (Retirement, VTI, and S&P Funds)?

Funds on Webull

Webull does not offer mutual funds. At all. The broker only offers investing in stocks, ETF's, crypto currencies, and options. To invest in Fidelity and Vanguard mutual funds we recommend Ally Invest.

Investors who are interested in ETF's can buy and sell all exchange-traded funds at Webull without paying a commission. Many of these exchange-traded funds have expense ratios below 1.00%.

All Vanguard and Fidelity exchange traded funds do appear on Webull's list of available ETF's.

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Day Trading at WeBull

If you’re tired of paying lots of commissions on day or swing trades, perhaps it’s time to check out what Webull can offer you. With a new desktop platform, the broker may be a good value. Let’s take a look.

Commissions and Fees

Webull offers stocks and ETF’s at $0 commissions. The downside here is that option contracts are not available, nor are over-the-counter securities or penny stocks below $1. Don’t even bother asking about forex or futures.

Software and Trading Experience

Webull has recently launched a new desktop program. There is no charge for it, nor are there any account minimums or trading requirements. A chart can be kept inside its own small window or expanded to fill the entire screen. In the first case, an order ticket can be kept next to the charting window. In the second, the trade ticket can be placed on top of the chart.


Webull’s platform only delivers 9 technical studies, another major weakness. Some of these include Bollinger Bands and exponential moving average. There are 10 drawing tools, 3 of which are Fibonacci tools. There are several display styles that day traders might want to use; these include candles, hollow candles, Heikin Ashi, OHLC bars, and colored OHLC bars.

The shortest timeframe is one day, and the shortest interval is one minute. Next to the full-screen graph is information on the stock under investigation. Of importance to day and swing traders is information on margin. One icon shows data on long margin requirements (both initial and maintenance); while another shows the numbers for short positions. Overnight and day-trading numbers are shown for an entered ticker symbol. The approximate margin rate is shown as well.

Below these important data points is short interest (the number of shares currently shorted) and days to cover (the expected number of days to close out short positions). These figures can help day and swing traders decide to go long or short.

A stock screener (but not an ETF screener) appears on the platform. Some of the available search criteria include volume, % change, and several technical indicators. These include MACD Golden Cross, RSI6 Oversold, and MA 5 Cross Over 10.

Webull’s order ticket offers market, limit, and stop orders. There are no trailing orders. There are stop-loss and take-profit orders, which would be great for day traders.


The final tool that swing and day traders will benefit from is a simulated trading mode. This feature is free of charge, so it’s an easy opportunity to practice and learn the software before committing real money.

Missing on Webull’s desktop platform is direct-access routing, a feature day traders often need. Level II quotes are also absent.

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Mobile App

Webull has a mobile platform that could be used for day trading. It offers the same order form that the desktop system has; but it can’t be used simultaneously with a chart.



SpeedTrader has a per-share pricing schedule that ranges between 0.25¢ and 0.44¢ per share, depending on the total number of shares traded in a month. There is a $1.99 minimum commission on this plan. Options, something Webull doesn’t offer at any price, are an extra 30¢ per contract.

SpeedTrader does charge a lot per month for software, although some of its tools are much more advanced than Webull’s. Direct-access routing and Level II quotes are available, for example. Software packages start at $25 per month.


Webull delivers a lot for the fees it charges, which are basically nothing. Traders who demand the best tools should go elsewhere.

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