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Can I Buy Vanguard Funds Through Webull? Does Webull Offer Fidelity Index Mutual Funds/ETFs (Retirement, VTI, NASDAQ, Dow Jones, and S&P 500 Funds)?

Funds on Webull

Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) are a growing trend on Webull. However, they are not as easy to find as regular stocks, unless you know what you are looking for. This article will focus on two ways you can find ETFs, specifically Fidelity and Vanguard ETFs on Webull.

Finding Funds on Webull

When you first log into Webull on the desktop, you will see a blue wallet-looking icon, labeled “Account” (when you hover over it with your mouse), highlighted on the left-hand side of the navigation menu. This is a section that will give you a quick overview of your account.

If you look above the blue wallet (Account) icon, three spaces, you will see a globe icon which is labeled “markets” (when you hover over it). Click the Market icon and you will then see a view that showcases the market conditions as a whole. This is where you can see your first ETF section labeled “Hot ETFs” which is showing you the ETFs with the biggest move, up and down, on the day.

Fidelity ETFs on Webull

Now if you’d like to search for a specific ETF, you can then type in the “Symbol/Name” box at the top center of the screen. Below is a screenshot of what it looks like when you search “Fidelity ETFs” on Webull. You will notice the red circle on the left showcasing the “Markets” icon and then the red rectangle showing where you search Fidelity ETFs on Webull. Make sure to include “ETF” in the search.

Fidelity ETFs on Webull

Vanguard ETFs on Webull

If you do not care about looking at “heat maps” or the overall ETF market, and you only want to search for a specific ETF such as Vanguard, you can go straight to the search box and type in “Vanguard ETF” to get a full list of ETFs that are related to vanguard. You will notice in the screenshot below that the red oval remains on the “Account” icon as when you first log into Webull and then the red rectangle goes straight to the search box.

Vanguard ETFs on Webull

Buying ETFs on Webull

In both scenarios, once you type in what you are looking for, you will then be able to scroll down (the scroll bar on the right side of the results) and you will see the full list related to your search. Clicking on any result will open up a new page on Webull. From there you will see information on that specific ETF, including current price, average volume, 52 weeks high/low, a rating of the ETF, order book, and then on the bottom right-hand side you will have your buy/sell section so you can buy/sell your ETF. Below is the layout of what you would see on the desktop app.

Buy ETF on Webull

To buy an ETF, you can use a section in the bottom-right corner underneath a green “Buy” button.

Can I Buy Index Funds on Webull?

Yes, on Webull you can buy all Index ETFs (including Fidelity and Vanguard Index ETFs) that follow S&P 500, Dow Jones and NASDAQ.

Can I Buy VTI on Webull?

Yes. The screenshot above is of the most popular Vanguard Index ETF - VTI.

Funds on Mobile App

Webull’s mobile app has a different layout, most noticeable is the navigation bar is across the bottom rather than the left side, but you can follow the same steps to search for, and buy/sell, ETFs on the mobile app as well.

Open Webull Account

Open WeBull Account

Buying Mutual Funds on Webull

Unfortunately, when it comes to investing in Mutual Funds, you are not able to do this via Webull.

One of the best places to invest in Mutual Funds is through TD Ameritrade. However, you are not able to do this on their ThinkorSwim platform. You will need to log into your TDA account and access the Mutual Funds page. The quickest way to do this is once you are logged in, click the “Research and Ideas” tab, and then on the right-hand side, click on “Mutual Funds”.

TDA mutual funds

On the Mutual Funds page, you are able to search for all mutual funds as well as set up screeners to make sure they meet your criteria. It really is a nice setup and below is a screenshot to show the process of getting to the Mutual Funds on TD Ameritrade.

TDA Mutual Funds Layout

One of the many great features of TDA is they allow you to compare Mutual Funds. Or, if you already know what Mutual Fund you want, you simply click the drop-down around in the “Find a Fund Family” section, and all the Mutual Funds become an option to scroll through and click, very similar as it was on Webull. Both options are showcased in the image below.

TDA Buy Mutual Fund

Once you click the Mutual Fund you are interested in, a new page will open up. On the next page, it will show all the Funds tied to that “family”. In the screenshot below, “Capital Group” was selected. You can see there are 9 Mutual Funds in that family. Each mutual fund in that family is then broken down into columns.

Symbol: This is the symbol (much like a stock ticker) that you can search for that is specific to that fund.

Prospectus: Clicking the “P” symbol will open the Prospectus of that fund

Name: This is the full name of that specific fund (not family).

Morningstar Category: The category that Morningstar put that particular fund in.

Last Price: This is the last price of the fund. One thing to note here is that the last price does not continue to update in real-time on this page.

% Change: This shows what percentage it changed since the last update.

Expense Ratio: This reflects how much the fund pays for management, administrative, marketing, and distribution fees.

Buy/Sell: And finally, the last column allows you to buy or sell by clicking the correct word and then follow that flow.

Here is what the above looks like.

You now know how to use Webull to buy or sell ETFs and how to use TD Ameritrade to buy and sell Mutual funds!

Open TD Ameritrade Account

Open TD Ameritrade Account

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