WeBull Streaming Quotes

WeBull Streaming Real-Time Quotes (2022)

WeBull real time streaming stock quotes cost and account requirements. Does WeBull offer free real time streaming stock quotes?

WeBull Real Time Streaming Quotes

If you’re looking for streaming quotes, Webull may have an answer for you. We’re going to give you all the details and more.

Streaming vs Real-Time

Streaming quotes are quotes that move across a screen horizontally. None of Webull’s software platforms offer these types of quotes.

Real-time quotes are quotes that are based on a security’s most recent trading activity. They are not delayed by any length of time, other than the speed of light. Webull offers these types of quotes on all three of its platforms: mobile app, website, and desktop program.

Real-Time Data Packages at Webull for Securities

Real-time data is available free of charge at Webull for Nasdaq Level I. These quotes only show the last trade price and the best bid and ask.

Webull Streaming quotes

Time & sales data are included at no charge in Level I. This information shows the most recent trade with a timestamp down to the second and number of shares. Level II quotes are also available at Webull (with a paid subscription).

For real-time option quotes, a subscription to OPRA real-time data will be necessary. Otherwise, quotes are delayed by 15 minutes.

To gain access to real-time option quotes, an account first must be approved to trade options. Webull offers new clients a free trial to OPRA. The trial will be put on pause if an account does not place at least one option trade in a 30-day period. Placing another option trade will reactivate real-time OPRA quotes.

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Real-Time Data for Cryptocurrencies at Webull

Webull offers real-time data on digital currencies for free. All crypto accounts are automatically signed up.

Webull real time quotes

Data for Other Assets

Webull does offer real-time and delayed quotes on other investment vehicles, including those that aren’t actually tradable with the brokerage firm. Here are some examples:

Stocks on the Toronto and other Canadian stock exchanges (15-minute delay)
Shenzhen Stock Exchange (real-time data)
Shanghai Stock Exchange (real-time only for users in mainland China)
National Stock Exchange of India (real-time)
Bombay Stock Exchange (15-minute delay)
Nordic exchanges (15-minute delay)
Singapore Stock Exchange (15-minute delay, customers located in China only)

Learn about Webull Level 2 quotes.

Using Real-Time Quotes at Webull

Webull’s software is very user-friendly, so using real-time data is a breeze. Real-time quotes are automatically enabled, so there’s really nothing to do. On watchlists and security profiles, quotes on recent trades of U.S.-listed stocks and ETFs will always be in real time. Same is true of cryptocurrencies. Some of the foreign assets listed above may be delayed. This is also true of over-the-counter stocks in the United States.

The easiest way to determine if a security’s recent trade price is delayed or not is to look for the time stamp on the profile. It will be just below the trade price, which is shown in large font. This is true for all three platforms.

On a chart, the real-time price is displayed at the far-right side of the graph on the price axis. The most recent trade price is shown in a rectangle that moves up and down as the price moves.

On the Webull mobile app, the order ticket always shows the current bid-ask spread. Look for the bid and ask numbers just below the chart. Remember, these are Level I quotes, so just one bid and one ask will be shown.

Webull streaming quotes

On the browser platform, the best bid and ask numbers are shown at the very bottom of the regular trade ticket, which Webull calls the Classic Trade Ticket.

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Updated on 3/28/2022.

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