Financial Writer Jobs. Hiring Part Time and Freelance Writers.

Brokerage Review ( owned by ACM MEDIA LLC is hiring freelance, contributors and part time Financial Writers.

Passion for Investing is the main requirement for this position. Financial Writer must be a native English speaker with excellent language skills.

We need articles-reviews of financial institutions where Financial Writer is now a current customer. Each article must have at least 1000 words.

Writer compensation starts from 5 cents per word for investing related articles. It could be lower for banking and other finance areas articles.

The order of importance for the articles is the following (1. is the highest)

1. Brokerage, investment, or wealth management accounts ($50);
2. IRA (retirement investing accounts) ($50);
3. Any other financial accounts: credit cards, mortgages, insurances, etc ($25);
4. Bank accounts (example: Citi CitiGold checking account) ($25);
Reviews don't have to be positive - they could be neutral or negative. But they must be honest and real (fake reviews will not be accepted), and should be written from the third person. For each article we will ask for 2 screenshots of the account member area with Financial Writer confidential information removed (cut out or blanked out).

Articles should be original and informative, providing a lot of value to readers. Re-write of existing articles from the internet will not be accepted.

Please send a list of institutions where you are a CURRENT customer and could write a review. This is REQUIRED. Example of the list:

Ameritrade brokerage account
Chase Total checking account account

It would be very helpful to get a link to Financial Writer profile on Linkidin, or Upwork, Guru, etc.

If you would like apply for a freelancer Financial Writer position, please use our Contact Page.