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Ally Invest Global Stocks, International ETFs and Mutual Funds, and Foreign Market Exchanges

2021 Ally Invest global stocks, ETFs, ADRs and mutual funds. Does Ally Invest offer investing on foreign market exchanges: Hong Kong, China, Germany and others?

International Stocks at Ally Invest

If you’re interested in trading foreign stocks, Ally Invest has some resources for you. Although it doesn’t offer direct access to global exchanges, there are nevertheless several ways to tap into international markets.


First up are American Depository Receipts, which are available to Ally Invest clients. Ally’s screener doesn’t have the ability to search exclusively for ADRs, but they’re there. For example, typing in ticker symbol ‘TM’ for Toyota Motor Company generated a profile with trade buttons. Buying and sell ADRs on Ally’s platforms is just as easy as trading domestic stocks. And there are no surcharges for ADRs.

Global Funds

During our investigation, we also found mutual funds and ETFs that invest in international equities. For example, Ally offers MAKOX , the Matthews Korea Fund. It invests in companies based in South Korea. Some of the larger holdings include Samsung, LG, and Hyundai. The fund has a concentration in electronics and consumer non-durables.

Ally Invest Global Stocks

MAKOX has not experienced a great deal of success, underperforming the S&P 500 over five- and ten-year periods. Its total return since inception is 5.49%. Ally offers Lipper ratings for MAKOX. They are mostly one and two stars, which are low ratings.

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OTC Marketplace

In addition to the major U.S. exchanges like Nasdaq and the New York Stock Exchange, Ally Invest customers also have access to stocks that trade over-the-counter. Regrettably, the broker’s software doesn’t have the ability to look explicitly for investments that trade in the OTC space. But over-the-counter stocks can be found if you know their ticker symbols. We recommend starting with a free third-party screener, such as; and then bring whatever ticker symbols you’re interested in to Ally’s platform.

One stock we found at Ally Invest is Daimler AG (ticker symbol DDAIF). Based in Germany, this company manufactures the famous Mercedes-Benz and several other automobiles. Its most recent trade price in the OTC U.S. market was $55.17 on the day we conducted our research. Ally Invest’s site looked at 26 analyst recommendations on the stock and graded it an overall hold.

Ally Invest shows earnings history for Daimler. The stock has had both positive and negative earnings surprises. The company’s price history goes back to 1993 on Ally’s site. News articles show current issues in the company’s economic niche.


Another way Ally Invest customers can tap into the global economic marketplace is through the company’s forex trading service. It does require a separate account. There are 2 platforms available, and we found many currency pairs, including GBP/CHR, SGD/JPY, AUD/USD, and USD/CAD. Trading these currencies would be a way to play the global economy.

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