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Etrade Global Stocks, International ETFs, Mutual Funds, and Foreign Market Exchanges (2022)

Etrade global stocks, ETFs, ADRs and mutual funds. Does Etrade offer investing on foreign market exchanges: Hong Kong, China, Germany and others?

International Stocks at E*Trade

Do you want to participate fully in the global economy? Are you looking for a place to trade foreign stocks? E*Trade offers its customers several methods to tap into international investments. Here’s how to get started:

American Depository Receipts

On E*Trade’s website, we found Banco Bradesco S.A., one of the largest financial companies in Brazil. According to E*Trade’s profile, the company has bullish blogger sentiment. This rating was taken from places like SeekingAlpha and Zacks. E*Trade also provides a pdf report for the Brazilian bank courtesy of Morningstar. The analyst considers BBD slightly undervalued and gives it three stars out of five. This grade is based on significant fee income.

The Market Edge report on E*Trade’s website gives BBD a sell rating (but not a short sell rating). The rating is based mostly on technical indicators, such as the 50-day moving average.

E*Trade’s site presents option chains for BBD, another way to tap into the volatility of the Brazilian bank. The broker also displays dividend information, number of shares outstanding, volume, and other vital data points.

Mutual and Exchange-Traded Funds With a Global Emphasis

Besides the ADRs, E*Trade customers have access to funds that invest in foreign equities and bonds. On E*Trade’s mutual fund homepage, a list of global performances are shown underneath the heading “Specialty categories.” Some of the available choices include China region, foreign large growth, and Latin America stock. Clicking on any of these choices produces a new page with relevant information on fund performance in that category.

Etrade Global Investing

E*Trade’s ETF screener has the ability to search for international equity funds. When we did so, we got 505 results. One of them was CHIQ, the Global X MSCI China Consumer Discretionary ETF. Alibaba is the top holding in the ETF. The fund’s prospectus is linked to E*Trade’s profile.

OTC Marketplace

In addition to the major exchanges in the United States, E*Trade also provides access to the over-the-counter market, where thinly-traded securities of both domestic and foreign companies can be found. Available for trading on E*Trade’s platform is CXGP, China Xingbang Industry Group, Inc. There’s not currently much interest in the stock as its volume on the day we conducted our research was zero.

Direct Access to Global Exchanges on E*Trade

E*Trade used to offer a foreign stock account that had access to worldwide exchanges. The brokerage firm no longer offers this account. As an alternative, we recommend Interactive Brokers which allows you to trade on over 135 exchanges in 33 countries and stay connected to global markets 24/7. Learn more about the company in the 2022 Interactive Brokers Review.

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An unusual method E*Trade customers have to tap into the global economy is futures trading. On Power E*Trade, the broker’s browser platform, we found several currency futures contracts. Some of the available choices included the Mexican peso, the Euro, and the Swiss franc.


Although E*Trade’s stock screener doesn’t have the ability to search by ADR status or for over-the-counter stocks, other brokerage firms do have software with this ability. For example, TD Ameritrade’s stock screener can search for ADRs, while Schwab’s can look exclusively for OTC securities.

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