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TD Ameritrade Foreign Exchanges Stocks, ETFs, Mutual Funds, and International Markets (2021)

TD Ameritrade global stocks, ETFs, ADRs and mutual funds. Does TD Ameritrade offer investing on foreign market exchanges: Hong Kong, China, Germany and others?

International Stocks at TD Ameritrade

Have you thought about trading global stocks? TD Ameritrade offers several methods to tap into international exchanges. Here are the highlights:

American Depository Receipts

The first method TD Ameritrade provides for capturing exposure to the international economy is through ADRs. These are receipts (technically not stocks but they trade like stocks) of foreign companies that are available on the major U.S. exchanges.

TD Ameritrade Global Investing

On the day we conducted our research, we found 512 ADRs available on TD Ameritrade’s platform. One of them was AstraZeneca PLC, trading on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol AZN. Based in the United Kingdom, AstraZeneca is one of the world’s major pharmaceutical companies, producing popular drugs like Crestor and Nexium.

TD Ameritrade’s profile for AZN presents a lot of important information. There are analyst reports in pdf format from a range of third-party forecasters., for example, grades the stock a buy based on revenue growth and net operating cash flow. TDA’s profile page also includes news articles, option chains, and financial statements for AstraZeneca.

Mutual and Exchange-Traded Funds With a Global Emphasis

The ETF center on TD Ameritrade’s website has a very user-friendly chart that can be used to conduct a quick search for ETFs based on a variety of criteria. Global funds is one category that can be specified. Using this tool, we found the VanEck Vectors Egypt Index ETF (ticker symbol EGPT), a portfolio comprised mostly of Egyptian companies.

Another pdf report from makes an appearance, but this time the rating is a sell. The analyst cites below average total return and excessive volatility.

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OTC Marketplace

TD Ameritrade offers access to the over-the-counter space, and here it’s possible to find many foreign stocks. We located over 4,000 OTC stocks using TDA’s screener, and some of these are international equities.

As an example, we found Wunong Asia Pacific Co Ltd, a company based in China. Trading on the pink sheets under the ticker symbol AITA, the current share price is just $0.015. TD Ameritrade’s profile doesn’t offer much information on this stock. There are no analyst reports and no valuation data. Average volume of AITA is under 9,000 shares daily. On the day we performed our investigation, there was no volume at all. The stock does not pay a dividend, and its most recent earnings are negative.

Direct Access to Global Exchanges

Unfortunately, TD Ameritrade does not provide direct access to foreign stock exchanges.


One service that TD Ameritrade does offer that many other securities brokers do not is currency trading. This is another method to trade the global economy. Some currency pairs we found include HKD/JPY, GBP/USD, and EUR/NZD.


We appreciated the ability to search for ADRs on TD Ameritrade’s stock screener. Ally Invest’s screener, by comparison, doesn’t include this beneficial feature. On the downside, some other brokers do provide access to foreign stock exchanges.

As an alternative, we recommend Interactive Brokers which allows you to trade on over 135 exchanges in 33 countries and stay connected to global markets 24/7. Learn more about the company in the 2021 Interactive Brokers Review.

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