Can I Buy IPO Stocks on E*TRADE in 2021?

Does E*TRADE offer IPO stocks on its brokerage account? E*TRADE IPO access requirements and how to buy.

Investing in IPO Stocks on E*Trade

For all the benefits that E*Trade offers to its investors, some traders will notice the lack of one important feature: IPO trading. Unfortunately, IPOs are not available on E*Trade. E*Trade does offer many attractive features, however. So, for trading outside the IPO sphere, the broker is always worth the time it takes to check them out.

Traders at E*Trade who are interested in IPOs often like to jump on the stocks as soon as they hit the market. If purchased early enough, it is still possible to take advantage of wide price swings and (hopefully) a considerable rise in value in the first months of the stocks being released.

To get into the actual IPOs before they are released, investors will need to look at other brokers. One of the best alternatives to E*Trade for IPO trading is the popular broker, Webull. The firm offers the best pricing ($0 commission), free stocks to get started, great trading tools, community of 11 million members, and much more (read Webull review or read about IPOs on Webull).

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Webull IPO Investing

Over the past couple of years, there has been a rush of new financial apps and services geared towards helping people manage their money and invest for the future. One app, in particular, Webull, has become incredibly popular due to the wide range of features that are available to their users. Among the features that Webull offers is the ability to invest in IPOs.

Let’s take a look at how you can invest in IPOs on Webull.

What is an IPO?

If you’re not familiar, an Initial Public Offering (IPO) is when a private corporation offers shares of stock to the public for the first time. Prior to an IPO, there is almost no way for most investors to invest in exciting startups. This is why, as an investor, IPOs can be very attractive because they give you the ability to own stock in some of the world’s most exciting companies.

For example, a few of the biggest IPOs from the past few years include Uber, Airbnb, Robinhood, and Doordash. These are companies that are changing entire industries and will undoubtedly continue to grow for years to come.

Bringing IPOs to Retail Traders

For many years, not everyone had equal access when it came to investing in IPOs. However, Webull is one of the first companies to bring IPO investing to individual investors after they partnered with ClickIPO.

Now, their users can enjoy the benefit of being able to invest in the newest and most exciting public companies.

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Investing in IPOs on the Webull platform is incredibly simple and the process is the same as buying a stock. All you have to do is head to the IPO center on their Markets page and then choose the IPO that you want to buy. From there, you can submit an order and become a shareholder in this company. This service is available to all users and the only requirement is that you have at least $100 in your account.

They allow you to invest in current IPOs and also see which companies have filed to go public so that you can monitor them.

While investing in new IPOs can be very exciting, it’s also important to remember that this is the first time that this company’s financial information is being released to the public. Due to this, IPOs tend to be very volatile for the first couple of months.

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