Can I buy fractional shares on Ameritrade

TD Ameritrade Fractional Shares

2022: Does TD Ameritrade allow buying partial (fractional) shares of stocks (Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.A), Amazon (AMZN), Tesla (TSLA), Google (GOOG), or Facebook (FB))?

Buying Partial Shares at TD Ameritrade

Customers at TD Ameritrade cannot buy fractional shares of expensive stocks, such as Tesla, Facebook, or Amazon. But they can open an account at M1 Finance, which offers the best pricing ($0 commission), cash bonus to get started, the best interest rates, and invest in partial shares of any stock or ETF for free (read review).

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Best Brokerage For Research

We have rated TD Ameritrade the "Best Brokerage for Investment Research in 2022". The firm offers the richest selection of third party research reports from 13 different firms. Below we will review some of the research amenities provided at the TD Ameritrade.

Research on the Web Site

Upon logging into the web site, traders will see a field in the upper right-hand corner to input a company's name or ticker symbol. Doing so produces a new page with a wealth of information across several tabs on the particular security under investigation.

The front page displays the most important fundamental analysis data, such as current dividend yield, EPS, market cap, shares outstanding, P/E ratio, and the number of shares held by institutions. Next to this very important information is a small chart where investors can see the price action over various time frames, between 1 day and 3 years. The chart can be expanded into its own window where traders can compare the stock's price action to other stocks or indexes. The chart can also display dividend and earnings information along with a host of technical studies.

Further down the page is recent news, updated within minutes, about the equity, which of course investors need to follow closely. Clicking on a hyperlinked news title will display the entire article for investors who want the whole story.

Next to the news columns is a selection of third-party research reports, kindly available at no cost. Reports come from a variety of analysts, such as, S&P Capital IQ, Credit Suisse, Ford Equity Research, Market Edge, Vickers, and Jaywalk Consensus. TD Ameritrade displays each report's recommendation, so that investors can get a quick synopsis of where the rankings are at. Traders who want more detailed information can simply click on an individual report, which produces a new window. Archived reports are also available to help customers see what direction rankings have been moving on a particular stock.

Best brokerage research

TD Ameritrade also offers news and information from social media on a particular security. Users can follow what people are tweeting on a stock, and how many tweets being generated.

Another tab displays SEC filings for researchers who want detailed information on recent financial statements and other filings.

The calendar tab displays important dates regarding events such as earnings releases, ex-dividend dates, and recent dividend payments.

The Industry Position tab displays important data comparing the stock against some of its industry peers. For example, General Motors is compared against Ford and Tesla. Financial metrics such as revenue, profit margin, earnings growth, and 52-week change can be compared for various stocks.

Under the Fundamentals tab, investors can find all three major financial statements: balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow.

The Earnings tab displays analysts' estimates of earnings, and whether there was a positive or negative surprise with actual earnings. Information is displayed in both numerical and bar chart format.


Research on Trade Architect

Trade Architect, one of TD Ameritrade's major platforms, does have some research capabilities of its own; however, there's much less available here.

The Ideas tab shows the most active stocks of the day. Heat maps show the most active stocks in an index. A stock screener sorts through equities by characteristics such as dividend yield and EPS. Also available is an futures screener for traders who are interested in trading derivatives. An event calendar displays stock splits, dividends, earnings, conference calls, and IPO's.

Research on Thinkorswim

TD Ameritrade's flagship trading platform, Thinkorswim, also has a few research capabilities; although it too pales in comparison to the web site.

A good stock screener can sort through equities on a variety of characteristics, such as beta, high, low, market cap, volume, or percent change.

Research on the Mobile Platform

TD Ameritrade has three different mobile platforms: a Thinkorswim mobile app, Mobile Trader, and the regular TD Ameritrade mobile app. The first two seem to have no significant research capabilities. The regular TD Ameritrade mobile app, however, does have some good research features. For example, research ratings and even pdf reports are displayed for a stock or ETF. Decent charting tools are available including technical indicators, although they are hard to see on a small smartphone screen.

Broker with best research

A research section displays general market news and a stock market calendar for dividends, stock splits, and the like.

Beyond Stocks and ETFs

Besides stocks and ETFs, TD Ameritrade offers extensive research and screening tools for mutual funds and fixed income on its web site for investors who are interested in those products. A page for IPO's simply tells traders to call the broker.

Research vs. Competition

Compared to some of its competitors, TD Ameritrade does very well when it comes to research tools. Some brokers, like Firstrade and M1 Finance, have very little research capability. Some of TD Ameritrade's primary rivals, such as Fidelity and Schwab, do have extensive research ability, but nothing that exceeds TD Ameritrade.

Barron's Magazine Best Research Tools Award

TD Ameritrade was evaluated against 19 other brokerages in the Barron’s Online Broker review, and earned the highest score in the categories of “Research Amenities” and “Ranges of Offerings.” TD Ameritrade was also named “Best for Novices” and among the best in the categories of “In-Person Service” (sharing the highest score with four other brokers) and “Long-Term Investing” (sharing the highest score with one other broker).


With some of the most extensive research capabilities in the business, and a good array of financial products and services, TD Ameritrade is hard to beat.

Updated on 2/2/2022.

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