Can I buy fractional shares on Tradestation

Tradestation Fractional Shares (2024)

Does Tradestation offer fractional shares of high value stocks such as Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.A), Amazon (AMZN), Tesla (TSLA), Google (GOOG), or Facebook (FB)?

Buying Fractional Shares on Tradestation

At Tradestation you cannot buy fractional shares of stock, such as Tesla, Google, or Berkshire Hathaway. But you can invest in fractional shares of stocks and ETFs with the most popular brokerage in the country called Robinhood. It has $0 commission on all products, 1% free IRA match, up to $200 free stock bonus, intuitive trading tools, fractional shares, community of 23.3 million members, and much more (read review).

How to Buy Fractional Shares

If you want to buy fractions of stocks that aren’t members of the S&P 500 Index, you’ll need to look beyond Tradestation. One broker-dealer that offers trading in all U.S.-listed stocks (and ETFs) is Robinhood. Have a small-cap stock in mind? Robinhood has you covered.

Notice we said “listed” stocks. Over-the-counter stocks trade in whole shares (Robinhood doesn’t offer very many of them, though).

Tradestation fractional shares etf

It’s really easy to place a trade in whole dollars on Robinhood’s website or mobile app. On the website, the order ticket is incorporated into every asset’s profile. On the mobile app, there is a trade button on the profile. Just tap on the trade button to pull up the order form.

On the website ticket, there is a field labeled ‘Buy In.’ This field can be toggled between dollars and shares. Simply select the entry type you want to use. On the mobile app, the order ticket has a drop-down menu in the upper-right corner for dollars or shares.

Robinhood has a $1 minimum for orders of securities. For very small accounts, this would be an advantage over Schwab’s $5 minimum.

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