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How Long in Takes For Funds to Settle on Webull in 2023?

Webull: how long for funds to settle after deposit? How long for cash to settle after trades?

Unsettled Cash on Webull

If you have encountered the term ‘unsettled cash’ while trading at Webull, it is likely that you were either trying to place a trade or withdrawal money from your account. Unsettled cash also relates to newly deposited funds. In every case, it is important to know what unsettled cash means, and how it relates to your investment activity on the popular trading platform, Webull.

Here are some of the most important details related to unsettled cash at Webull.

Unsettled Cash by Account Type

At Webull, you can have a cash account and a margin account. Unsettled cash plays a role in both, in different ways.

If you are trading in a cash account, you will need to wait for your deposits to settle before you can trade with those funds. Likewise, when selling securities, the proceeds need to settle before you can trade with them again.

How Long It Takes For Cash to Settle on Webull After Trades

The settlement period for trades is either T+1 or T+2 at Webull, depending on the security in question. Here, "T" means date of the trade, "+1" or "+2" means number of business days. So, if you traded today, it will take one or two business days to settle cash.

Funds from the sale of stocks settle 2 days (T+2), and funds from the sale of options settle in 1 day (T+1). Trade-related unsettled cash is covered in more detail below.

If you are trading in a margin account, the same settlement periods exist, but you will not often notice them. Margin accounts at Webull offer investors cash in lieu of settling cash to place trades, withdrawal, etc. Essentially, traders are able to borrow the money from their margin account that would normally be tied up in the settlement process.

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Unsettled Cash After Deposits on Webull

Depending on the type of deposit that you make, you will see different lengths of time associated with settlements of deposited funds.

ACH transfer funds at Webull take 4 business days to settle and wire transfers settle right away.

If you are funding a cash account, any ACH deposits that you make will show up in ‘Incoming Funds’, under the ‘Payables and Receivables’ section of the Accounts menu.

If you are funding a margin account with an ACH deposit, the same information is available. However, Webull grants ‘Instant Buying Power’ to margin account holders. The amount that you receive is dependent on a variety of factors, such as account value, credit score, and deposit size. In most cases, you can expect to receive an Instant Deposit of $1,000 with which you can trade immediately.

Unsettled Cash After Trades on Webull

As mentioned, monetary gains from selling securities are treated differently in cash and margin accounts. Since trading activity in margin accounts are not affected by the trade settlement times, we will move straight to the cash account settlements.

In cash accounts, when you sell a security, the money from that sale will land in your account and show as your buying power. However, if you use unsettled funds to trade with, you risk triggering a Good Faith Violation (GFV).

Keeping in mind that T+2 settlement times apply to stocks and T+1 settlement times apply to options contracts, the funds from a sale of either will need the trade date, plus an additional one or two days to settle. The settled cash can be traded with freely, but unsettled cash is another story.

You may buy new securities with unsettled cash, but you cannot liquidate those positions until the cash has settled. If you do, you will receive a GFV warning. Receive more than one of these, and your cash account will be restricted to using only settled funds to place new trades.

One strategy that many traders use to avoid these issues in cash accounts is to keep track of their unsettled funds by breaking up the account balance into three or four equal parts. Each allotment can be used for trading on subsequent days.

Webull Unsettled Cash and Withdrawals & ACATS Transfers

Finally, it is important to know how unsettled cash affects your withdrawals and ACATS transfers.

In a margin account, you may withdraw cash amounts that include your unsettled balance. However, you will not be able to transfer unsettled funds out of your account via ACAT transfer.

In a cash account, you will need to wait for all funds to settle before making any withdrawals or account transfers.

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