Ameritrade AUM

TD Ameritrade Assets Under Management (AUM)

2024 TD Ameritrade total assets under management (custody) (AUM). TD Ameritrade client assets, number of brokerage customers accounts (users), and mutual funds assets.

TD Ameritrade Is Discontinued

Charles Schwab has acquired TD Ameritrade and discontinued it. Please read our detailed Charles Schwab Review or Charles Schwab Assets Under Management articles.

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TD Ameritrade AUM: Total Assets Under Management

TD Ameritrade is one of the largest and best-known brokerage firms in the United States. You may be interested to know just how big the company is. The answer, as it turns out, is pretty enormous.

More specifically, the broker-dealer has the following numbers:

Client assets $1.32 trillion
Number of customers 11.5 million
Average # of trades per day 500,000
Annual revenue $6 billion
Account application $0 commissions + transfer fee reimbursement.

At last count, TD Ameritrade was estimated to have more than $1,300,000,000,000 in client assets. That’s a trillion dollars (one thousand billion dollars) in case you’re seeing too many zeroes to count. This makes TD Ameritrade one of the largest brokerage houses in the world. According to its most recent annual report filed with the SEC, the exact figure is $1,327,700,000,000. This represents a steady growth from $774 billion in 2017. The broker has received billions of dollars every year in new client assets for several years in a row, a sign that the company is doing a good job of building its brand.

Because TD Ameritrade doesn’t manage its own selection of mutual funds and ETFs, the trillion-dollar figure represents assets from across a variety of TD Ameritrade accounts invested in securities, funds, as well as forex and futures. Accounts include taxable and retirement accounts plus more esoteric varieties like trusts and estates. A thousand dollars invested in Facebook stock in a TD Ameritrade IRA would count towards the trillion-dollar figure.

The phrase “assets under management” usually refers to assets actively managed in funds. Since TD Ameritrade doesn’t manage any funds, we’re really talking about client assets here.

Number of Customers at TD Ameritrade

TD Ameritrade currently has over 11.5 million funded accounts. The broker-dealer also provides custodial services for more than 6,000 registered investment advisors who operate independently of TD Ameritrade.

TD Ameritrade: Best Broker For Beginners


Although TD Ameritrade doesn’t have robo or wealth management accounts, it does offer something that the other two brokerage firms in this survey don’t have: branch locations and extensive customer service resources.

During our investigation, we found over 100 brick-and-mortar offices located throughout the United States. Most states have at least one branch location. Even small states like New Hampshire, Vermont, and Delaware have offices. These physical locations can provide a lot of the same services on accounts that phone representatives typically provide, so the locations are very useful.

Customer Service

During the hours these offices aren’t open, novice investors at TD Ameritrade have a lot of other customer service routes to use to obtain help. First up is phone service. The company’s phone agents are available to help with any questions all hours of the day and night, including weekends. The broker has dedicated phone lines for TTY service and customers located outside the United States.

Ameritrade AUM

TD Ameritrade has associates who speak Chinese and Spanish, although these services may not be available around the clock.

New customers who can’t find the help they need over the phone have many more resources with this best brokerage firm for beginners. TD Ameritrade offers assistance through Facebook Messenger and Twitter Direct Message. And then there’s TD Ameritrade’s own website. This has an Artificial Intelligence named Ted. This robo chat service will be found under the Client Services tab on the website (look for the Contact Us link).

On Ted’s profile, there are groups of commonly-asked questions. Trending questions on the day we did our research include:

- What is a margin call and what should you do if you receive one?
- Why was I charged a mandatory reorganization fee?
- What is a good faith violation?

The chat window sits on top of the website and can be moved around. Ted has the ability to change the web page, which is really useful when typing a page-related question like, “How do I change my mailing address?” Ted will automatically load the necessary page.

Human agents are always in the background. Typing the word “human” will bring one of them on board.

New investors who don’t need real-time chat can send TD Ameritrade an internal message. This is a really convenient service that is also found under the Client Services tab (look for Message Center). The tool can be used to both send and receive messages, which is not always the case at all brokerage firms nowadays. Moreover, TD Ameritrade’s messaging widget can attach files in a variety of formats, including jpeg and pdf.

The Client Services tab has a lot of other features that beginning traders will want to take advantage of. For example, there is a Help Center that has lots of FAQs under a variety of categories. And then there’s a link that discusses all the different account types available at TD Ameritrade. Look for the Account Types link.


Obviously, TD Ameritrade does an outstanding job in the customer service category, which will definitely benefit novices. But the brokerage firm goes one more step with its very good educational library. This will be found under the Education tab on the website.

TD Ameritrade Assets Under Management

There are articles, videos, on-demand webcasts, and self-guided courses on a variety of topics. Here’s a sample:

  • Investing Basics: Forex
  • Futures for Beginners
  • How to Build a Diversified Portfolio with ETFs
  • Stock Order Types: Limit Orders, Market Orders, and Stop Loss Orders
  • What Are Index Funds?
  • How to Place a Single-Leg Options Trade on

The Ticker Tape®is TD Ameritrade’s publication for beginners. It covers a lot of ground from retirement planning to market news to Fed tapering. It’s a treasure trove of information and can be accessed anytime at

tTD Ameritrade AUM

Besides the website, some customer service resources and educational materials (although not all) can be found on TD Ameritrade’s mobile app.

Updated on 1/22/2024.

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