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TD Ameritrade Assets Under Management (AUM)

TD Ameritrade total assets under management. TDA client assets, brokerage accounts number, and mutual funds assets. TD Ameritrade AUM for 2018.

TD Ameritrade Assets Under Management (AUM)

TD Ameritrade is a large-size brokerage firm that specializes in advanced trading technology. The company has over $3 billion in annual revenue and employs over 10,000 people.

More specifically, the broker-dealer has the following numbers:

Client assets $1.2 trillion (up 45% year over year)
Funded accounts 11,100,000
Average # of trades per day 511,000 (up 10 percent year over year)
Annual revenue $3.7 billion (60% of which were asset-based)

The figures are according to the company’s most recent annual report, which is required under SEC regulations. From the company’s $3.7 billion in gross revenue, it was able to produce over $800 million in net income for its last fiscal year. It did this with $9.99 commissions. The broker recently lowered its trading fee to $6.95, so TD Ameritrade’s next fiscal year might see a significant decline in both revenue and income.

The company’s balance sheet looks fairly strong with over $28 billion in assets. Its income statement shows annual earnings per share to be $1.59. Of this amount, the company paid 68¢ in dividends.

Most of TD Ameritrade’s revenue comes from commissions and other transaction charges—more than 41% in fact. Fees on deposit accounts generate 28%, while investment product fees produce 11%.

TD Ameritrade recently agreed to purchase rival Scottrade. This transaction will include not only the acquisition of the brokerage division of Scottrade, but also Scottrade Bank by TD Bank.

The broker-dealer is headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska. It operates a nationwide network of branch locations with more than 600 offices. The company does not have a large global presence. It has operations in Luxembourg and the UK. Because of its affiliation with TD Bank, the brokerage house also does business in Canada.


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Strengths and Weaknesses of Large-Size Firms

Most large brokerage firms manage their own mutual and exchange-traded funds. TD Ameritrade, despite being a large-size firm, does not offer its own funds.

On the positive side, TD Ameritrade is large enough to produce its own suite of trading technology, which is quite advanced. Even better, the firm does not maintain any account minimums or trading requirements to use it.

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TD Ameritrade's Thinkorswim Overview

The Thinkorswim (TOS) platform is a versatile trading and investment research tool with a multitude of features. TOS is both a downloadable platform application and a brokerage account that offers financial services and educational tools. This platform is owned by and exists as an extension of TD Ameritrade. There is no minimum deposit required to open an account with Thinkorswim. However, to trade options a minimum balance of $2,000 is required. There is a minimum of $500 for electronic deposit transfers. Thinkorswim has been designed to have consistent commissions across the board. For most trades, such as stocks, ETFs and options, there is a flat fee of $6.95. Active traders can call customer service and negotiate lower rates.

One drawback the Paper Money has is that account starts with $100,000. This amount is higher than an average investors account and may give users too much undeserved confidence.

There is also another drawback that doesn’t get much attention. Some users experience technical difficulties. There is a known bandwidth issue within the TOS platform. Some users have issues with real time updates to their data and feeds. This can be detrimental to investors who rely on completely up to date and highly time sensitive investments. There is another rare issue with TOS where some combinations of routers and certain computers can cause network issues. Although this problem is very uncommon, some users are completely unable to login to the TOS platform and the one solution available doesn’t always work. The only way a user can find out if they have this issue is by creating an account and trying to login.

In summary, the TOS platform is one of the most well known investing tools on the market. The robust and highly customizable tools and charts give investors the data and perspective that they need. Although all of the extra features can seem intimidating, there are many free educational resources that can help users learn the TOS platform. Thinkorswim customers also get full access to an impressive selection of valuable additional services offered through the parent company - TD Ameritrade.

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Scottrade by TD Ameritrade Review

Scottrade by TD Ameritrade is a low-cost broker that has many investment services that attract a lot of investors. There are no fees to maintain a securities account with the broker, although there is a $2,500 minimum deposit requirement to open an account. IRA accounts have no maintenance fees. A margin account can also be opened with the firm. Currently, Scottrade by TD Ameritrade margin rates on loans with less than $10,000 are 8.0%.

The firm offers mutual funds investors many good choices. There are nearly 3,000 mutual funds that have no load and no transaction fee. There are more than 14,000 funds in total at the firm. Funds with a transaction fee that are no-load cost $17. If a fund has a load, there is no charge to buy, although the broker imposes a $17 charge to sell.

Scottrade by TD Ameritrade's commission for stock and ETF trades is just $6.95. Options cost $0.70 extra per contract. Placing a trade over the phone with a live broker costs just $25. Scottrade by TD Ameritrade margin rates are the lowest among large brokerage houses.

Educational and research tools are available on the Scottrade by TD Ameritrade website. Analyst reports on equities are free of charge from Thomson Reuters, S&P Capital IQ, and MarketEdge. More informational tools are available on a section of the broker's website called Knowledge Center. It has articles, videos, and in-person seminars, among other resources.

Scottrade by TD Ameritrade is famous for operating a large network of branches across the United States. Currently, the broker maintains more than 500 locations. This network comes at a cost, however, because Scottrade by TD Ameritrade does not offer 24/7 customer service over the phone.

There is an advanced trading platform available for Scottrade by TD Ameritrade customers. Unfortunately, certain account minimums must be met in order to use it. A less advanced platform can be accessed without any trading requirements. The website seems better than the low-grade platform, however. A trading ticket appears at the bottom of the web browser, making order entry quick and easy. Annoyingly, Scottrade by TD Ameritrade clients can't login to the website with a self-created user ID.

A mobile app allows Scottrade by TD Ameritrade investors to trade away from home or office. Bill pay, mobile check deposit, and ACH transfer into Scottrade by TD Ameritrade are all available. Regrettably, the app does not have mutual fund trading or live streaming of business news.

TD Ameritrade Assets Under Management


Scottrade's $6.95 commission is lower than many other firms in the industry, including Wellstrade ($8.95). It matches E*Trade rate of $6.95. Scottrade's charge for options ($0.70) is lower than both of those brokers, who charge $0.75. Not having 24/7 phone service is a significant failure when other brokers, such as Merrill Edge and TD Ameritrade, offer round-the-clock service.

Scottrade by TD Ameritrade IRA's Overview

Scottrade by TD Ameritrade offers completely fee free IRA accounts. There are no monthly or annual IRA fees, no account maintenance or inactivity charges, and no fee for setting up or closing a retirement account.

With over 500 branch offices nationwide, Scottrade by TD Ameritrade is the natural choice for IRA customers who want to have in-person contact with a representative. The minimum opening investment is $2,500. Commissions are $7 per online trade for stocks and ETFs, though you’ll pay $32 if you make a broker-assisted trade. If you trade options online, tack on an additional $0.70 per contract, and be ready to fork over $17 for exercises and assignments.

There is no charge for no-load, no-transaction fee (NL, NTF) mutual fund purchases, sales or exchanges. Scottrade by TD Ameritrade charges $17 for transactions involving other types of mutual funds, in addition to any charges slapped on by the fund provider. Rates vary for fixed income trades depending on the instrument. For example, the commission on listed corporate bonds is $35 plus $3 per bond, with a minimum $1,000 face value and increment. With other fixed income instruments, Scottrade by TD Ameritrade might charge a markup when it acts as the principal, and it might make you pay for special services. The liquidation fee for a unit investment trust is $50.

TD Ameritrade AUM

Scottrade by TD Ameritrade will pay you $100 when you roll over an existing IRA from another broker and refund any transfer fees charged by your current broker. It offers a nice roster of free services when you open an account, including:

  • Real-time news updates
  • Real-time quotes and charts
  • Third-party research form Morningstar, S&P and Market Edge
  • Interactive retirement calculators
  • Mobile trading
  • Access to extensive Knowledge Center resources
  • Personal education and special events at branch offices
  • Cost-basis reporting
  • Access to more than 14,500 mutual funds

Updated on 3/6/2018.