Coinbase AUM

Coinbase Assets Under Management (AUM)

2022 Coinbase investing app total assets under management. Coinbase AUM: client assets and number of brokerage accounts. We are paid by affiliate links on this website.

Coinbase Assets Under Management (AUM)

Coinbase assets under management $223 billion
Coinbase brokerage accounts number 50 million

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Coinbase Overview

Coinbase is the most popular cryptocurrency exchange in North America by far, leading many to ask, Should I use Coinbase? You should, and there are three good reasons for it. These include its popularity, security and an easy to use interface.

Coinbase: The Most Popular Exchange In The U.S.

Coinbase is by far the most popular cryptocurrency exchange in the United States, boasting over 50 Million active users and over 8,000 institutions using its services. Coinbase was started in San Francisco, California and mainly operates in the US, although they do have a growing global presence. A study done by The Ascent recently, showed that 67% of Americans who bought or hold cryptocurrency, have used Coinbase. To put this number in perspective, the runner up here is Binance with 27% of American crypto users having utilized their software.

Coinbase is also a public company, with many retail shareholders. This provides a certain level of trust and transparency within a company, especially a cryptocurrency exchange. Being public means two major things for users. First, they have to answer to their shareholders. Being a public company, any user could purchase shares and become a partial owner. Secondly, they must make reports to the SEC and other governing bodies regularly. This is to assure everything is on the up and up and there is nothing disingenuous being done behind the scenes.

Coinbases popularity certainly makes a strong case, but their security is pretty serious too.

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Coinbase Wallet: Locked Down

One major thing all cryptocurrency users know is a deal breaker with an exchange is bad security. Lucky for us, Coinbase is not lacking on that front either. Like any good exchange, They take security measures very seriously, including but certainly not limited to…

- Two Step Verification, for a safer user login experience
- Biometric Fingerprint Logins
- Insurance

Coinbases insurance can be broken down into two different categories. First off they are FDIC insured up to $250,000 on deposited CASH (this does not include any cryptocurrencies). They are also insured in case their servers and softwares get hacked. This only applies if the breach of security is through their servers, not the users. Coinbase claims to have never been hacked, and on top of that say that only 0.004% of users experienced an “account takeover”. They credit this to their efforts on educating their customers on security in the space. On top of all of this, Coinbase keeps 98% of customer funds offline, in a “cold storage”. This makes it unbreachable and unhackable because it is no longer online.

All in all, Coinbase has top notch security, and you shouldn’t have to worry about anything.

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Smooth Interface

Coinbases entire website and mobile app interfaces are very easy and simple to use. Tailored right for the novice cryptocurrency user, It is easy to navigate through, simple to discover new tokens and coins, send or receive cryptocurrencies or just check up on your crypto news! Coinbase is truly built for the customer with education, ease, and simplicity built right in.

From experienced cryptocurrency traders to people who barely know what Bitcoin is, Coinbase caters to everyone's needs. The most important things in your exchange are that you can easily use and navigate through it, they strongly value security and have popularity to hold them accountable. All three boxes are checked off by Coinbase, and you should certainly give it a try.

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