Fidelity AUM 2023

Fidelity total assets under management (custody). Fidelity AUM: 2023 client assets and number of customers (user accounts).

Fidelity Assets Under Management (AUM)

Fidelity Investments has a long history of satisfying its customers, which is probably one reason it’s one of the biggest brokerage houses in the United States. The firm is the largest record keeper of 401(k) plans, and one of the largest providers of 403(b) plans for non-profit organizations. More than 23,000 companies trust Fidelity to provide its employees defined-contribution and defined-benefit plans. The broker also provides stock plan services.

The company’s operations generate very large assets in its coffers. In particular, Fidelity has the following impressive numbers:

Fidelity assets under administration $9.6 trillion
Fidelity total discretionary assets $3.6 trillion
Number of customers 40 million
Trades per day 3.1 million

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Number of Customers at Fidelity

Fidelity has about 40 million individual clients. Many of these investors make their own trading decisions.

Fidelity Assets Under Management

A large percentage of Fidelity’s business comes from retirement services. Over 60% of Fidelity mutual funds are in retirement accounts. Nearly $1.9 trillion is invested in the company’s mutual funds.

Despite its large size, Fidelity’s retirement operation is actually growing. Its 401(k) business saw healthy expansion, and the broker remains America’s biggest provider of IRA’s.

In addition to deep pockets, Fidelity also has a very large workforce. The company employs more than 57,000 people around the world, including 5,000 in Boston alone.

Fidelity Overview

Fidelity's goal is to make financial expertise broadly available and effective in helping people live the lives they want. With assets under administration of $9.6 trillion, including managed assets of $3.6 trillion, the firm's focus is on meeting the unique needs of a diverse set of customers: helping more than 40 million people invest their own life savings, nearly 20,000 businesses manage employee benefit programs, as well as providing nearly 10,000 advisory firms with technology solutions to invest their own clients' money.

The firm has many of the standard tools that other online brokers offer such as stock screeners and portfolio builders that can make searches based on the parameters clients enter.

One of the best things about online trading with Fidelity is the ability to actually trade stocks in 25 countries via various stock exchanges and 16 currencies around the globe with the flexibility to settle in either U.S. dollars or the local currency.

Fidelity research tools (such as stock screening, historical trading strategies, daily market commentary, and individual stock research) are impressive. There are research reports from 12 different independent firms covering over 4,500 companies, as well as 36 tax, savings, and retirement calculators.

Fidelity assets under management

The company also offers two advanced trading platforms: first is Active Trader Pro that requires at least 36 trades in a rolling 12-month period, and the second is Wealth-Lab Pro that requires at least 120 trades during the same period. Both platforms are excellent but many competitors provide their advanced platforms with no conditions to all customers.

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