Interactive Brokers Assets Under Management (AUM)

2021 IB total assets under management. Interactive Brokers AUM: client assets and number of brokerage accounts.

Interactive Brokers: Number of Customers and Assets Under Management

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Interactive Brokers Assets Under Management

Client assets $232 billion
Funded accounts 981,000
Average # of trades per day 1,953,000
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Interactive Brokers Number of Customers

Interactive Brokers has about 981,000 brokerage accounts open and funded right now. This number is 15% higher than prior year and 4% higher than prior month.


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Interactive Brokers Inactivity and Maintenance Fees

Interactive Brokers is intended for active traders and investors. As a result, they punish accounts that do not generate a specific number of trade commissions each month - a monthly IB inactivity fee is charged.

For most retail customers, if monthly commissions are not at least $10 then a charge of $10 minus the monthly commissions will be charged to the client. For example, if commissions generated in a given month were only $4, then the client would be assessed a charge of $10-$4 = $6. For accounts with under $2,000 balance this fee rises to $20. This fee alone can quickly erode the low commissions for a lower activity level investors.

Interactive Brokers Annual IRA Fee

IRA accounts at IB are subject to $7.50 quarterly fee.

All Interactive Brokers Fees

Under this link you could find the list of company's commissions and all the account fees charged.

Broker Review

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Interactive Brokers Overview

Interactive Brokers is targeting a client base of experienced, professional investors, traders, and hedge funds. The firm is an excellent choice for anyone who trades on average 1,000 or fewer shares of stocks or ETF's (or up to 20 options contracts) per trade. It delivers excellent trading platform, fast executions, and the lowest margin rates. Current IB margin rate on up to $25,000 in margin balance is only 3.20%.

Interactive Brokers, however, has a $10 monthly minimum commission requirement to avoid a $10 monthly inactivity fee ($20 monthly if account balance is less than $2,000) and $10 monthly market data fee. The fee works as "use it or loose it": if a customer traded $4 worth of commission that month than the inactivity fee is $6. This means that clients who rarely trade might pay up to $240 per year in fees ($360 if their account balance is less than $2,000)! The fees are waived for accounts with $100,000+ balances.

IB is easily the most fee-rich firm among online brokers. Listing of all the fees takes literally dozens of pages on their website, mostly because they have a different pricing for clients in U.S., Europe, and Asia, and because there so many products, currencies and markets involved. IB is the only broker we have reviewed that allows only one free withdrawal request every 30 days and charging customers for additional ACH money withdrawals ($1) and check withdrawals ($4).

IB trading platform

Customers should be extremely careful when using margin at the firm: Interactive Brokers liquidates positions almost as soon as account gets into negative territory, without giving investors a chance to add funds (unlike almost all other brokers). The firm tightened margin requirements at the worst possible times in 2008-2009, and many customers who were using margin got wiped out.

Interactive Brokers has a well-deserved reputation for very rude and obnoxious customer service. Because of that and the complexity of their trading platform, it is not a brokerage for beginner investors (IB actually discourages beginners to apply for an account). And the firm is definitely not the way to go for those who rarely trade, trade orders of over 1,500 shares, or practice "buy-and-hold" investing strategy.

We recommend Interactive Brokers only to day-traders, active investors, and hedge funds. Investors who are not in these categories and who are looking for cheap trades often go with Ally Invest: the firm offers a flat $0 per trade commission for unlimited shares.